What Inspires You?

Two years ago in October, my friend, Charlie, basically dragged me kicking and screaming to my first FIT class at Legacy Martial Arts!  I had lost 125# with the support of a few online friends and a lot of hard work all on my own.  I never had a trainer.  I never followed a specific “diet”, I just slowly stopped eating “junk” and started eating clean and healthy at least 80% of the time.   And I had NEVER been to a group fitness class.  In the beginning, I walked and did Tony Horton’s 10-Minute Trainer.  Then I added some Biggest Loser DVD’s and Jillian Michaels’ workout DVD’s, until I finally got up the guts to join a gym.  After that, I became a gym rat and did cardio and lifted weights 6 days a week.  

But Charlie knew how much I had come to love fitness, and was convinced that Mr Bentley’s FIT class at Legacy would be something I would enjoy.  The rest as they say is history! 🙂  Now, not only do I go to Legacy 3 times a week, I have taken MMA classes, BJJ classes, I am the Zumba instructor, teach a 20-minute Tabata-style class once a week, and have even filled in and taught FIT several times.  They Legacy Family has become my Fitness Family, and I have met some of the best friends I have ever had there.  Choosing to allow health and fitness into my life, has not only gotten me in the best shape I could ever be in, but I have grown so much as a person.

That brings me to why I am writing this post.  Last year was my second year doing the Biggest Loser Challenge with Legacy Martial Arts, in which Mr Bentley offers FREE FIT classes to anyone who wants to participate.   It started out STRONG, but by the end we had less than half of what we started with.  Which is unfortunately pretty typical.  The odds of finishing a fitness goal, especially without support, are NOT good.  And I am not saying that there is not support at Legacy, but you have to be willing to give and receive.  Sometimes even go the extra mile.  This year, I am the Zumba instructor and just like in years past, my classes are also FREE during this challenge.  I have tried to tell people about my website and Facebook pages, because even if they do not want a Beachbody program or Shakeology right now, One, that doesn’t mean they never will, and TWO, Maybe, just maybe I will someday post that one thing that makes “it” click for them!

This year’s Challenge Group, so far has been SO INSPIRING!  I am enjoying it SO much.  Every class has gotten BIGGER!  And each week there is more and more inspiration in the building!  THAT is what inspires me!  Watching people take steps to improving their health.


It is time to STOP HIDING!  Find YOUR light and get out there and SHINE!!!

stand out

One Reply to “What Inspires You?”

  1. LOVE this post!! Hard to believe that I have been at Legacy for over a year now myself. Wouldn’t change coming to that first FIT class for anything!! 🙂


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