Quitting Smoking


Smoking cessation has been a topic of discussion a lot lately.  Several people I know have decided to take on the difficult journey to kick the habit.  I myself have been on the same journey more than once.  But the last time I started the journey was almost 6 years ago.  But in this post, I want to talk to you about my observations about when I was smoking to when I am not.

First and foremost…..my breath smells 1000% better! 🙂

Second, I don’t feel like I have to cough up a lung every morning.

Third, I ran a freaking marathon!  SERIOUSLY?!?!?  OK, so losing 125# also helped me do that, but do you REALLY think I could have done it while smoking.  I had to take guaifenesin to clear my lungs just to be able to breath every day.

Forth, I want to tell you about the difference in healing.  I have had 3 back surgeries.  For the first 2, which were only laminectomies, I was smoking.  My healing took FOREVER!  In fact, I only had 5 months between the first two, and I am not sure I had fully healed from the first one before they cut me open again.  But when I had my 3rd, I had quit smoking.  It was a laminectomy with a spinal fusion following.  I had open bolts packed with bone that needed to grow, besides my regular healing.  I actually healed MUCH faster after that one.  Dr attributed the healing time to my quitting smoking before I had it done.

Fifth, my skin and around my mouth look SO DIFFERENT.  I no longer have that gray look to me, and I don’t have those leathery looking lines around my mouth that make women look WAY OLD before they are!

Sixth, I don’t have to go out in the cold when I am in public to smoke!  LOL!  Seriously though!  Did you know that you can not smoke ANYWHERE in public in Illinois?  And we have some COLD ASS winters!  LOL!  No thank you!  I get to stay in the indoor warmth when all of my still smoking friends are banned to the freezing outdoors if they want to smoke!

I am going to stop counting there, but come on!  Let’s be real for a minute!  I am more healthy.  I have more energy.  And them suckers are EXPENSIVE!  I know, because my husband still hasn’t quit! 😦  But I see him thinking about it more and more.  It is ridiculous how expensive they have gotten!  And in Illinois, the taxes on them make them even more crazy!  And I am sure that he is really getting sick of my nagging and whining about how things stink, and the crappy nicotine stains on EVERYTHING in my house and car!  LOL!  But he needs to come to it on his own, just like everyone else.  I can’t make up his mind OR do the work for him.

So please, if you are thinking about quitting smoking, I will tell you that my biggest saving grace when I quit was my exercise and my support system!  If you want to try to quit and improve your health all the way around, I would love to help you, by getting you into one of my support groups that will encourage you every day.  You will commit to drinking Shakeology, which will help your overall health through nutrition, stick to a fitness program, and staying active in the group for 90 days!   And I will commit to helping you stick it out by being your coach for FREE!  It is THAT IMPORTANT!

Within Beachbody, I belong to an AMAZING team of coaches.  Our Motto is Passion Over Fear!  Make your passion for living BIGGER than your fear of failing.  You CAN change!  You have to work to be the very best you that you can be!  It doesn’t come free, and it doesn’t come easy.  But it, AND YOU, ARE worth it!!!

Contact me through my website at www.bodybybrendat.net today and we can get you started ASAP!


I know many of you who follow me here on my blog, or on FB, or on IG, don’t always follow me in other social media, so I wanted to share my FB thoughts in a blog post this morning.  I feel it is an important topic for us all to remember.  After I wrote it this morning, I was listening to the audiobook of “Go For NO!” by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz, on my way to work, and it confirmed the thoughts running through my head.

I have had some massive failures over the past six years.  And I got to thinking that it is funny how most people from the outside only see my success of losing and keeping off over 100#!  But the truth of it is, that it has not been easy, and many BIG failures have been a HUGE part of the successes that followed.

So here is the FB post from my Body By Brenda page.~


As most of you know, I have been fighting some of my old demons for quite some time. Binge eating and a bit of self-loathing But on the plus side, I HAVE been fighting them! I have been taking proactive steps to find out the core reasons WHY I am letting these demons sneak back into my life.

THAT is itself is progress!

In the past I would have just let the demons take over without a fight. But I CHOOSE to fight for my success. I CHOOSE each day to make the effort to MAKE my life better!

I fell asleep thinking about this, and woke this morning with these thoughts running through my head. And I know where it comes from. It is directly from all of the positive Personal Development I have been introduced to as a Beachbody Coach. Another day to work towards my DREAM of being both a healthy role model and financially free!

Here is what I jotted down as soon as I got out of bed today.

I Failed Today
by Brenda Turnbaugh

I Failed Today
I am not sure why
Sometimes I wonder
Why do I try?

I Failed Today
I tried to grow
But at times I think…
Will I ever Go Pro?

I Failed Today
The fat I must keep trimming
Time to think like Dory
Just Keep Swimming!

I Failed Today
Yeah It seems quite the mess
But that is what happens when
You fail your way to Success!!!!

Fail, Learn, Succeed!
See You At The Top!!!


I hope it helps you remember that EVERY day is not a success.  In fact, MANY days are not successes.  Especially in the beginning of a journey.  Cut yourself some slack.  Realize that failure is just part of the journey to massive success, and embrace it!  You know what they say…..

road to success


MAKE today GREAT!!!!



Choosing Happiness

Depression is not an easy thing to live with, and there are days that I have to make My Happiness a conscious choice MANY times during the day. I have seen rock bottom several times in my life in different forms. By making the choice to dwell on the past and let my past define my present actions, I am just reliving those same painful chapters of my life over and over and over…..

I know many of you question how making the choice to get healthy and fit and now working for Beachbody is helping me change all of that, but for me, it has. When you sit and wallow in negativity, you may occasionally get a good samaritan who will try to help you see the positive, but for the most part, you attract the same energy from the universe that you put out.
I was not bringing any good energy into my life, but once I started meeting other people who made being fit and healthy a priority in their lives, I noticed something else. They also seemed to generally be happier and have a more positive outlook on life. I wanted that, so in my shy, “hide in the back of the room” way, I started paying attention. Then I started to occasionally even chime in. Until the next thing I knew, I was making friends who did not want to just sit in a room and drink and smoke and eat and talk about all the bad crap going on in the world.
Instead, they were talking about what they could do to make themselves AND the world a better place. And I saw how they would smile a little more and a sparkle would come into their eyes when they would talk about their passions and how helping other people make positive changes in their lives only made them better people and have fuller more enriched lives themselves!

I WANTED THAT! I knew I was meant for more than to relive the same sad, lonely, unhealthy(physically and meantally), self-defeating chapter of my life again and again. And that brings us to the chapter I am writing now. I don’t yet how it ends, but I am hoping it ends with pure freedom. Freedom for me from my past, and freedom for anyone who is willing to take the chance on themselves, work with me, and find that there is a better way!

So, as I always say…

Head UP!
Shoulders BACK!!
Smile ON!!!
Now get out there and TAKE ON THE WORLD!!!!

choose happiness

My Battle with Depression!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I am a HUGE Robin Williams fan, and almost every morning, I start my posts with a hearty GGGOOOOOOOODDDD MOOORRRNNINNNGGGG!!!!  And every time I type it, I hear his voice in my head. 🙂  But the last couple days, I have realized that maybe I adore him so much, because I could feel a bit of a connection to him.

I don’t talk about this often, but I have struggled with depression for most of my life. I am going to be honest, in the fact that I believe that no one should EVER feel ashamed of having a mental illness, but I unfortunately still feel the need to keep some things about myself hidden.  I joke about it at times, but that is to hide the fact that the struggles and terrors were/are very tough on me.

I have never felt worthy of real love because I have never thought much of myself.  And my actions and appearance for most of my life were a testament to those feelings.  I was bullied and/or disrespected, in more way than one, often by people I either loved or thought were people I could trust.  At the age of 9, I had had enough, and tried to kill myself.  My Mom stopped me.  Then we brawled over the knife, and I was sent to a locked down adult psychiatric unit.  Where not only was I not helped, but I acquired even more demons by being passed around as a play thing between the other patients.  And by having quite possibly the WORST psychiatrist in the world who decided to try to “heal” me by scaring me with threats that I would never get to see my family again if I didn’t “shape up”!

I drove all those emotions down DEEP!  I learned to deal with the sadness and depression that was inside of me.  But since I was in such a dark place and still suffering inside, I put myself through a lot of self torture and self mutilation.  Cutting, burning, and eating disorders including bulimia and even an All Ex-Lax diet.  I looked for acceptance from ANYONE!  Sometimes I found it in not great places.  I always seemed to look for the “bad boys”.  Well, they NEVER disappointed, they all treated me pretty bad!  Tony(my now husband), with his long hair and fast car, looked “bad”, but he actually turned out to be a rare “one of the good guys” 😉  He listens to me when I need to talk without preaching to me what I should do to make me all better, and he never makes me feel like I “deserved” all the bad things that happened to me as a kid, or that I am weird or bad because these things are part of my past.   And even though he is not “in to” the whole Beachbody Coaching thing all that much, he supports me in it 100%, because he sees what it has done for my confidence to be around so many positive people.

So if things happen for a reason, maybe that reason was to make someone else eventually see this post and realize that they too can make a change and find a way to deal with the Rock Bottom, horrible, UGLY parts of your life.  Many things over the years have brought times of depression.  My back injury and the 3 surgeries that followed, alcohol addictions, losing my daughter, my Mom, and both of my In-laws, the struggles of watching my father age, put him in a nursing home, sell his house, and watching him slowly slip away to become a person I don’t even recognize anymore, and even the occasional  relationship/marital problems -neither of us is perfect, and marriage is WORK!   But I have been blessed to have someone who would listen.  And I always try to be there to listen without judgement when someone needs me to be there to vent to or spill their heart out to.  So even if I don’t always think great things about myself, maybe someone else will.

Still, it is so hard to see a man with so much love inside him and with the ability to spread such great happiness to so many, lose the battle against his own demons.  If you know someone who often does battle with something deep inside, don’t push, but if they reach out in even the most subtle of ways, try to keep your ears and heart open.

Rest in Peace Robin.

The Touching Story Behind Robin Williams’ Close Friendship With Christopher Reeve « K-EARTH 101.

My Life as a Beachbody Coach

lobe being a bb coach

In January 2013, a very nice guy named, Jeremy, who was a friend of mine on Facebook that I met actually through following his Mom, Sandi Krakowski, to learn more about blogging, started talking to me about Shakeology and Beachbody.  He was fairly new to the business, but was working on losing weight himself at the time, and was having amazing results with Shakeology and P90X.  I wasn’t really thinking I wanted P90X, but when I found Les Mills COMBAT on his site, I WANTED IT!  And I was very into improving my nutrition, and after adding up all the supplements that Shakeology was going to replace, the $130 price tag was actually a LOT LESS than what I was spending at the time.  Then, Jeremy told me about Coaching and that I could get a 25% discount and had the opportunity to actually build a business with it.  OK…if you know me, you know I am…well…let’s call it “frugal” 😉  So with the money I was actually going to be saving monthly, I was IN!

I know it often surprises people, but I am actually kind of a shy introvert who does not get out much.  I am a homebody.  Which is another reason that the Home DVD programs were of huge interest to me.  Sure, I liked going to the gym, but I never talked to many people.  I was there to WORK, not chit chat, and people who were there just to talk while they put in their “time”, were just hindering me from getting my work done so I could get back to my home and my life.  So yeah, working out at home sounded pretty good to me 🙂  So on February 16th, I placed my order.  Needless to say, I have NOT regretted that decision.

Since starting with Beachbody, I have made so many like minded fitness friends.  And have found an amazing accountability group for both my fitness AND my business.  I have also learned a lot about myself and how to improve from all of the personal development that Beachbody offers and my team has introduced me to.  THAT in itself was worth becoming a coach, since I struggled with self-worth and self-worth all my life.  And most importantly, I have been able to reach more people than I ever thought possible through Social Media and helped them start, or take the next step, on their journey to health and fitness. For years, I was an obese, beer swilling, chain smoking, couch potato, and at 37, I made the decision to make a change my life and become healthy and fit.  I have inspired a few family members and friends to make the change, and I love that!  And the fact that with Beachbody I am getting to meet and introduce MORE people to health and fitness is AMAZING!  You never know who YOU can inspire to change their life for the better!


So, if you are just looking to get in shape and be a customer using Beachbody programs and Shakeology, that is AWESOME!  But, if you are interested getting the 25% discount on your monthly Shakeology AND all future Beachbody programs, OR if you are interested in building a business either making it full-time of part-time to earn some extra money, I would LOVE to have you as part of my team!  Message me on Facebook or email me at bodybybrenda@hotmail.com and I would love to get you started today!  Either as a Discount Coach or as a Business Building Machine, you are welcome to take part in all of the same opportunities I have to learn from the wonderful teams I belong to.  PLUS, the discounts,the trips and eve the chance to earn FREE trips, the webinars, the PD.  It is all worth it! 🙂


YEAH!  THAT headline got your attention, didn’t it?  LOL!

Unless you are new to this page, you should KNOW better! 😉

stop quitting

But I hear people all too often talk about how they just weren’t seeing progress like I got, so they gave up.  REALLY?!?!  Let me tell you a few facts about my journey that everyone thinks was so quick and miraculous.  It took me almost 16 months to lose my first 100#!  It took me another YEAR to lose the next 25#.  Then it took another YEAR to gain 15# of muscle.  So I have been hanging out between 160-175 for about 3 years now.  Yes, I am on the HIGH end of that right now, and feeling pretty bummed and crappy about it.  But I didn’t come this far to quit!  And neither should YOU!  Weight loss is not something that you just do to “get skinny”!  You do it to get fit and healthy and strong, so that you can live your life to its fullest!

So, please ALWAYS remember…

SLOW progress IS PROGRESS!!!  So don’t quit!  NEVER QUIT!  Because if you knew me 20 years ago, you know I lost the weight once.  Then I gained it ALL back PLUS about 40# more!

Slipping up, happens.  SLOW progress, happens.  Fear of Failure, happens! – This one happens to me still EVERY DAY! – LIFE, happens!  You just have to keep getting back up and moving forward.  NEVER GIVE UP!!!