YEAH!  THAT headline got your attention, didn’t it?  LOL!

Unless you are new to this page, you should KNOW better! 😉

stop quitting

But I hear people all too often talk about how they just weren’t seeing progress like I got, so they gave up.  REALLY?!?!  Let me tell you a few facts about my journey that everyone thinks was so quick and miraculous.  It took me almost 16 months to lose my first 100#!  It took me another YEAR to lose the next 25#.  Then it took another YEAR to gain 15# of muscle.  So I have been hanging out between 160-175 for about 3 years now.  Yes, I am on the HIGH end of that right now, and feeling pretty bummed and crappy about it.  But I didn’t come this far to quit!  And neither should YOU!  Weight loss is not something that you just do to “get skinny”!  You do it to get fit and healthy and strong, so that you can live your life to its fullest!

So, please ALWAYS remember…

SLOW progress IS PROGRESS!!!  So don’t quit!  NEVER QUIT!  Because if you knew me 20 years ago, you know I lost the weight once.  Then I gained it ALL back PLUS about 40# more!

Slipping up, happens.  SLOW progress, happens.  Fear of Failure, happens! – This one happens to me still EVERY DAY! – LIFE, happens!  You just have to keep getting back up and moving forward.  NEVER GIVE UP!!!