Choosing Happiness

Depression is not an easy thing to live with, and there are days that I have to make My Happiness a conscious choice MANY times during the day. I have seen rock bottom several times in my life in different forms. By making the choice to dwell on the past and let my past define my present actions, I am just reliving those same painful chapters of my life over and over and over…..

I know many of you question how making the choice to get healthy and fit and now working for Beachbody is helping me change all of that, but for me, it has. When you sit and wallow in negativity, you may occasionally get a good samaritan who will try to help you see the positive, but for the most part, you attract the same energy from the universe that you put out.
I was not bringing any good energy into my life, but once I started meeting other people who made being fit and healthy a priority in their lives, I noticed something else. They also seemed to generally be happier and have a more positive outlook on life. I wanted that, so in my shy, “hide in the back of the room” way, I started paying attention. Then I started to occasionally even chime in. Until the next thing I knew, I was making friends who did not want to just sit in a room and drink and smoke and eat and talk about all the bad crap going on in the world.
Instead, they were talking about what they could do to make themselves AND the world a better place. And I saw how they would smile a little more and a sparkle would come into their eyes when they would talk about their passions and how helping other people make positive changes in their lives only made them better people and have fuller more enriched lives themselves!

I WANTED THAT! I knew I was meant for more than to relive the same sad, lonely, unhealthy(physically and meantally), self-defeating chapter of my life again and again. And that brings us to the chapter I am writing now. I don’t yet how it ends, but I am hoping it ends with pure freedom. Freedom for me from my past, and freedom for anyone who is willing to take the chance on themselves, work with me, and find that there is a better way!

So, as I always say…

Head UP!
Shoulders BACK!!
Smile ON!!!
Now get out there and TAKE ON THE WORLD!!!!

choose happiness

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