The Light is Getting Brighter! And The Past is Behind You for a Reason!


Have you ever been just sitting there doing your normal everyday work, and all of a sudden a strange feeling came over you? Your heart felt full, your chest lifted, and your head clear. You don’t know exactly what it is or where it came from, but in that instance you felt as if everything from that moment on was just going to be AMAZING?

I have this feeling right now that I can’t describe. But I have a feeling that I am about to be shown EXACTLY why I am here.  Exactly why I lived through all the pain, the suffering, the depression, the hurt, the struggles, everything I have went through in my life is about to make sense.

not a mistake

I have always loved this list of verses.  You see, my nickname has been Boo Boo since before I was even born.  I was an “OOPS!”.  A mistake.  An “Unplanned Blessing”, my Mom used to say to me.  Although I don’t think she always really thought it true, as I wasn’t the easiest kid in the world to deal with.  Depression and anxiety issues from a very young age, that built up after the age of 5 until I my first suicide attempt at the age of 9.  And the pre-teen and teen years just brought more struggles, self-loathing and self mutilation.  But she never gave up on me.  She always said there was a reason I was here.  That I would find that reason some day, and I would find REAL happiness.

I think the last few years have been building me up to finally be able to SEE my reason.

My passion, my dream, is to help people by delivering hope for a brighter future through health and fitness.  I lived so unhealthy for so many years, that now that I know the difference, I want to show the world how much better life can really be!  And I believe that I have found the perfect way to help more people than I could one on one.  Beachbody has truly been a blessing to my life in more ways than I can explain.  But I have been too scared and not truly confident in myself to SEE it until recently.  And I think many of you could sense that.  I was trying to be the PERFECT role model BEFORE I really helped anyone.  But I am NEVER going to be perfect!  Perfect doesn’t exist!  Everyone will always have flaws and make mistakes!  God did make us “human” after all!  Through our mistakes and struggles, we learn.  All I can tell you is that if you trust me to help you, and you commit to yourself, I will be there to support you 100%!  Show me that you want it!  You give it 100%, and I will be there for you!  And we will both succeed in our dreams!

Message me at and tell me your goals!  I would LOVE to work with you and help you find YOUR best path to health!

Until then, MAKE today AMAZING!!!! 🙂

Just as I was finishing this blog, this collage was posted on Facebook by KICKPICS, and my phone and FB page BLEW UP!  So I wanted to add it to show a glimpse of me living my passion! 🙂

kickpic collage

3 Replies to “The Light is Getting Brighter! And The Past is Behind You for a Reason!”

  1. My abs are much stronger than a year ago. I have a very long way to go to be able to do that!!! Not that I am comparing or competing with you. Maybe just a little wishful thinking that it would happen a little faster.

    You look awesome and your hard work and dedication really shows. You have come a long way since we met two years ago. I am so proud of you and your willingness to share ALL of your journey with us.

    Thank you awesomely wonderful woman!


  2. You have it any and all the time! Don’t forget, you can call any time you need or want to.


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