Who is Body By BrendaT, and WHY Beachbody???

This post is LONG overdue!

I have had family and friends say to me over the past year and a half, “Why are you trying to make money off of Beachbody when you yourself did not really use their programs and Shakeology to lose your weight?  It seems like a lie!”

OK…here is the answer.

If I said, “Do you know Brenda Turnbaugh from Quincy, IL?”, about 500 people either personally or simply by association would say yes.  Of those 500 how many do you think REALLY know me and know about my life and weight loss transformation?  And of those few people, how many do you think would pay me to help them with their health and fitness journey?  I tried that route, and I KNOW this answer.  It is remarkably close to ZERO!  No one was willing to pay for what I know from my experience.  And even now, look at my Zumba classes….I only charge $10 a MONTH for 3 classes a week!  Why?  Because I want to make it affordable for people who will not spend money on themselves, because I want to help those people too!  But also, because people don’t know who I am, and I have struggled with the confidence of thinking I am VALUABLE enough to charge more.  I thought I needed to make a name for myself first.~Those of you in my Zumba class at Legacy Martial Arts, don’t let this post scare you, I have no plans to raise rates any time soon, but I have finally realized that you all are getting me for a bargain! 😉

But, it is not enough.  I consistently only have about 10-12 monthly students, and after paying fees, buying music, and paying for continuing education, not to mention my time, I am not even breaking even.  But I REALLY want to make my passion my LIFE!  I want to work in the fitness industry so bad I can taste it!  I think about it constantly.  I am by nature, an introvert. Yes, to those who know me, they are always surprised that I am a shy person who fears speaking up because I am not real sure anyone will even listen to what I have to say.  And in my experience over the last 5 years of trying to help people with their fitness and nutrition, I would say I was right.  I have designed workouts, I have given people nutrition advice, I have done the research into programs and products and many, ok most, don’t follow through.  Sure, I do realize that no one can make lasting changes until they themselves are truly ready, but I began to question if what worked for me really would work for others in my life.  But then I realized, that those whom I was trying to help did not see the value in what I was offering, because I was so unsure of myself, that I came off as not confident in the information I was passing along.  So, if I lead people to think that I don’t think I am valuable, then why should they value me and the information I have to pass along?

So…I did my research.  I checked it all out.  I became a human guinea pig!  Over the last 2-3 years, I have destroyed myself by using every shake, pill, workout program, nutrition program, and goofy fad diet I could throw money at.  Where do I keep going back to?  What has been the only constant that made me feel good not only about myself, but about their products?  Beachbody and Shakeology!  The Beachbody programs are tried and true and have the best trainers and supporting fitness and nutritional staff to be found in the business in my personal opinion.  So why wouldn’t I partner up with them?  And Shakeology?  Well, if you follow me on Facebook, you know how I feel about it, and what it has done for both me AND my husband’s health!  If you don’t, please ask!  I LOVE talking about this stuff! 🙂

So why the sudden need for this post?  Well, I have a few friends who really “show up” when it comes to supporting my dreams, and an instance of that amce up last week, when my friend Stace, of Kickpics.net, posted the following collage.  It got 866 LIKES on his Facebook page!  866!   So I feel now is the time to take advantage of his kindness to help promote me and my personal brand and commit to making my passion my life.  Because, as Gary Vaynerchuk says in “Crush It”, “If you are already looking forward to 5 o’clock Friday the second you roll out of bed on Monday, you are not living YOUR life!”  Well, I am 43 years old, and life is too precious a gift to waste.  It is time to live MY life!kickpic collage

So, it is now official!

I am in business for myself and I plan to make health and fitness my LIFE!  Taking this leap of faith to LIVE my PASSION is the scariest thing I have ever done.  And if you know anything aobut my life, you know that is saying something.  But, I am putting my trust in ME and in the fact that I made a wise choice in choosing the amazing company, Beachbody, to partner with!  They supply the products, I supply the coaching, the support, and the motivation and inspiration to help you achieve your health and fitness goals!

And if you too are looking for a way to financial freedom through a business of your own where you get to help people reach for their goals, I would LOVE to have you on my team.  Our team is growing and it is AMAZING!  I could not have asked for better people to learn from and who helped me realize that I truly am worthy of PURE HAPPINESS!  And I look forward to paying that kindness forward and helping others see that in themselves.

Is now YOUR time?

If so, and you are ready to feed off of my passion and take a leap of faith in yourself and finally take control over your health and fitness, and even your finances if you should so choose, contact me so we can get started today!



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