Modifications Make You a Failure! WHAT??? ~ Just another misconception we have about fitness!

I know this is going to shock many of you, with two blogs in two days, but this subject came up today and I feel the need to share some thoughts.


I see it far too often. And I actually TOTALLY “Get It”!  But too often, we limit what we will even TRY to do, because of what we or someone else has put in our heads.

There are ALWAYS modifications that we can do to make something fit OUR bodies.

I know most of you know that I have titanium cage bolts in my back,

lumbar fusion

and that I have nerve damage in the tops of both feet resulting from those 3 back surgeries.

But did you also know that

I have mild RA and osteo- arthritis, and degenerative disk disease.

I have “wonky” knees that sometimes swell and feel like they are about to POP.

I was born not only weighing 12#, but I was breech and they had to break my right ankle to get me out which resulted in no cartilage between two of the bones in my ankle.

There are some things that I KNOW I will never be able to do(Shaun T’s FAMOUS Tuck Jumps being one of them!), but I will NEVER let that hold me back from being MY best EVER again!


Modifications do not make you weak!  Modifications mean you are strong enough to TRY even when your body will not allow you to do the advanced moves.  Overcoming obstacles is where strength comes from.  I have had my fair share of obstacles in my life that I have overcome, and I would love if you would allow me to use my strength to help you build yours.

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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