There Is A Solution To Every Problem!

capt jack

Good Afternoon!

I have been a little busy this month.  At my full time job at Brown Drug Company, we got a new computer system.  In my opinion, a GREAT ADDITION that we desperately needed!  But it is coming with the obvious growing pains that all change brings.

During this time, on my Facebook Page, Body By Brenda, I have been doing a 30-Day Affirmation Challenge.  And surprisingly, have only missed a couple of days! 🙂

BUT, with this computer software upgrade, ONLY secure websites can be accessed on our computers now, which means Facebook is OUT!   So, I can’t access my FB account during the day, even on my lunch hour.  But since WordPress, my website IS secure, in the spirit of today’s afirmation, I am doing my Daily Affirmation post from here 🙂

DAY 18 – 30 Day Affirmation Challenge


Yes, there is a solution.

But as “they” say, successful people do what unsuccessful people won’t.  So if you know the solution, but refuse to put in the work to get it done, you can’t expect to achieve the end results that you are wanting.  So if you are wanting to lose weight, but refuse to eat healthy and exercise, then my guess is you should not expect successful results that you are unwilling to work for.

WOW!  That just hit me!  I have been slacking off still quite a bit.  Nothing tragic, as I continue to maintain where I have been for 6 months or so, but I would really like to get back to where I was in Spring of 2011.

Since a 3 week commitment at a time seems to be about all I can manage lately, I think the 21 Day Fix (Original and the NEW EXTREME) Challenge Pack Sales are here at just the right time!

Click the Picture Below or email me for more info on the Original Fix!



For the EXTREME Challenge Pack, CLICK HERE!


And remember…

YOU have the power.

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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