Celebrate Every Moment!


last breathGood Sunday Morning!

I have a confession to make to you today.  Although I share my life with you all pretty openly and honestly, in the hopes that if anything I have been through can help just one person, I do have bad days where I just feel straight up sorry for myself.  I honestly try not to complain too much about the physical and deep-seeded emotional pain, that I suffer from my past, that truth be told most people don’t want to hear about, I find that I often still do.


But today as I see this quote, and think of my Dad and the suffering he went through over the past weeks, months, and even years, and the many friends who have lost their parents and even one who is watching the struggle with her own Mom as I type this.  I am awakening to an even greater appreciation for living each moment as positively as I can and celebrate each moment for the GIFT that it is!


Today as I prepare to say my final goodbye to my dad, I hope he knows that although I often had to be the “bad cop parent” figure with him MANY times over the past few years when he would get out of hand or ornery above and beyond his normal, that I ALWAYS LOVED HIM!  That I wish I hadn’t complained.  That I wish I would have had more understanding and patience with him.  But I can’t change the past.  I can only pray that he understood, and that God will grant me more patience to deal with others in the future.


So as I say at the end of every post….



Because although there may be some pain and suffering in today, the fact that you HAVE today as a gift from God is still reason to celebrate!  




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3 Replies to “Celebrate Every Moment!”

  1. We all have bad days and moments with the ones we love. When we have these moments with others especially our parents I believe they understand and love us even inspire of ourselves and may even see themselves through us. When I had times like this with my parents often times they would make statements like lhow I reminded them of themselves or the other parent. They never stopped loving me or held a grudge over it. They kept loving me and holding me close when I needed reassurance or a little extra hug. I look back and often think of all the times they could have stopped caring yet they never did. This is what true love and caring is. Brenda, you have more than your share of this of this kind of compassion in you.this is what makes you one remarkable woman. Hold no regrets or guilt about anything you said or did in the past with your dad. I am sure he loved you beyond words and was very proud of all you have done and continue to do.


  2. Very well said dear Brenda!!! And yes deep down your father always had your love and he enjoyed it immensely – blessings my dear friend.


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