Moving Forward From Here


Sometimes the right words from the right person at just the right time really can make ALL the difference in the world.

That happened to me on Tuesday. I posted about some struggles I was having, and got this Twitter reply from a dear friend ~ “@bodybybrenda stay strong Brenda! You are the strongest woman I know!!!”

To he honest, I haven’t felt STRONG in awhile now. I have let my fitness, and especially my nutrition, slide while I focused on some family and work stuff, and was actually feeling pretty down. But it is time for me to Move Forward, and his reply reminded me of how I was when he lived here. I would have NEVER given up on ME! And I just needed that little extra push to remind me that I CAN be absolutely ANYTHING I want to be! And right now, I want nothing more than to be a COMPLETELY SUCCESSFUL BEACHBODY COACH!

What does that mean to me?

I want to help people obtain their greatest personal health!  To be that beacon of HOPE when a person feels that all hope is lost.  I want to show them that you CAN come back from rock bottom!  Rock bottom is actually a good place to start, because from there, you can only go up!


And in the process of helping them become THEIR best, I want to also help those who wish to join me in my passion in helping even more people, and growing a whole TEAM of Successful Coaches!

This”dream” of mine is not something that I take lightly anymore!  It has turned into a service that I MUST do for people, because I feel it is a disservice not only to them and myself, but to the gifts that God has bestowed upon me to inspire and motivate others.  I have just seen too many people in my life struggle with health problems that would benefit from PREVENTATIVE health care.  Exercise and trying to make healthy choices more often than not.  Getting to a healthy weight.  Skinny and rock hard abs do not HAVE to be your focus.  It is about being YOUR personal best, not someone else’s!


What is funny, is that sometimes our biggest problems seem to have nothing to do DIRECTLY with our health.  But when we stop caring for ourselves or taking care of ourselves, the stress from the problem can manifest into health issues.  So even if you think, “A push up is NOT going to solve my problems!” or “Eating a healthy balanced meal instead of fast food is NOT going to solve my problems!”, please hear me out.  Since I got healthy, physically, so many things have changed for me mentally, emotionally, spiritually, in my relationship with my husband, so many areas, that I can’t believe it all started with getting off the couch and walking the ONE BLOCK that I could manage at my current state of health 6.5 years ago.  Change can happen on a grander scale, if you only learn to take control of what you CAN control(such as making time to exercise and consciously trying to eat healthier), and leave the rest to The Big Guy! 🙂

So if you are interested in joining me and my team to become either a customer OR a member of my team, I would love to get you started with the program that is right for you.  So contact me, ASAP, and we can get to work to make sure you are not the next “too young” tragedy!


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