hangry cat

This subject has come up a LOT lately!  I normally eat on a very regular schedule, about every 3-4 hours.  People used to tease me and poke fun at the way I ate, but I had lost the weight, and was building some great muscle tone doing just that!  But I have noticed that THIS is what has changed during the last couple years, that I believe has caused my weight gain.  I am sure the business, stress, AND start of menopause(sorry guys!) has not helped, but I know what works, and I simply have NOT been doing it.

I feel a little dumb, because I should have noticed the signs before now.  I mean, I can’t even count the times that Tony has actually screamed at me, “Go Eat a Snickers!”  LOL!  But the weight gain, the lower energy during hard workouts, and even the lack of concentration at work.  They all should have been signs.  But sometimes it takes something as simple as seeing it in someone else to recognize that THAT is MY problem too! But without all of that even, the whole HANGRY thing should have really tipped me off!


So, you will probably see me get back to my old self over the next few weeks.  And my plan to do that, will be following 21 Day Fix to the “T”!  Would anyone like to join me?

If you order the 21 Day Fix (or 21 Day Fix Extreme) Combo Pack with Shakeology NOW, I can get you a $20 Discount!  And with the new Beachbody On Demand being included FREE for 30 days!  So if you order it today, you will have the weekend to look it over and be ready to start streaming the videos and have your nutrition plan ready to start on Monday with me! 🙂

Click here to order the Original 21 Day Fix, or HERE for the Extreme if you are already in pretty great shape, but looking to go to the next level!  ****Extreme does have harder workouts, heavier weights, and a more strict diet plan, so if you are a beginner, please get the original for now.  Trust me, it really is hard enough! 🙂 *****

Or, to make it even easier for you if you are a new customer, contact me  at my email or FB link below, and I will be happy to help get your order started for you! 🙂

So let’s BEAT the HANGRIES by eating good food more often and doing some AWESOME workouts!





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