Do you struggle to stay motivated?  I think we all do at times, but mostly because of the expectations in our own heads!  We live in an “I WANT IT NOW!” society, and we don’t have the patience with ourselves that we need to have.  Success in anything does not come without time and work!  It does not come overnight, and NOTHING is FREE! Most of the time, anything worth really having comes at the cost of not only a financial investment in yourself, but usually is also paid with a little blood, sweat, and tears!

So here are some tips that MY Coach sent me this morning!


In my opinion, keeping your eye on the ultimate prize with a vision board AFTER making SMART goals is the key to everything!  I have made many NOT SMART goals in the past, and it was usually because of unrealistic time expectations!  NOTHING happens overnight!  Exercising for one week will NOT make you lose 25# NOR give you your dream body!  One healthy meal will NOT make you healthy!  And dedicated hard work for one week will NOT make you wealthy!

It is about consistently taking steps in your life that will lead you closer to your goals!

If you are looking for help with health, fitness, nutrition, weight loss, and/or breaking into the health and fitness industry through Beachbody, I would love to be your Beachbody Coach.  Please look me up and message me at any of the links below!


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