Happy Friday!!!

It has been an Awesome, Crazy, Busy, Educational Week!

I am a Beachbody Coach. I KNOW you all know that. But I really do LOVE a lot of our products! Even if I didn’t love the fact that I get to be paid for helping people get fit and healthy, I honestly would do it JUST for the 25% Discount! 🙂

BUT today, I got to tell you that the new Beachbody Performance Line, specifically today I am talking about the Recharge that is my new obsession!


When I use it at night, I don’t have horrible muscle soreness. Last night, I forgot to drink it before bed and today….

images (1)


or maybe something like this……



You can best believe that I will NOT be making this mistake again during a tough leg week!  Contact me in the comments or on any of the platforms below, if you would like to know more about this new line.


And if you look like the last little guy BEFORE you work out, you may just need a bit of THIS….energize

LOL! 😉


MAKE today GREAT!!!

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My Journey

I had planned to write this post a long time ago, but it seems very relevant for my life right now.

This post is not about weight loss or getting fit.

This post is about finding Me!


OK, so I guess I can’t say it is NOT about losing the weight or getting fit at all, because it took me finally taking care of my outsides to figure out what was going on inside.  I truly believe that if you are stuck in a crappy place in your head, that it starts to show up on your body.  That is what was true for me.  But deciding to commit to fixing the outside, I finally learned to start looking inward.

From the outside looking in, I had an AMAZING childhood.  And for the most part I DID!  I had the most AWESOME Mom in the world, who even though we had some difficult times, always made sure I knew she loved me.  I had a Dad who provided for me and had a quirky sense of humor.  I have 4 older siblings who for the most part liked me, even though I was the “spoiled brat youngest child” 🙂  hehehe  And I even had a few good friends both in my neighborhood and at school, a few of whom I still talk to today on occasion.

But there was a LOT going on in my head that was not allowed to be discussed.  Oh, I have since discussed it with therapists and priests, but back then, you didn’t talk about mental issues such as depression and crippling fears, and you certainly did not discuss abuse of any kind.  But that is what landed me in an adult facility after having a nervous breakdown at the age of 9.  This place only made things about 1,00,000,000,000 times worse, but I am not going to go into those details here today.  I have talked about it some, so no worries that I am still to this day, 35 years later, holding it all in.  But I did for a very long time, as I was “instructed” to do.

But with the Personal Development that I have been introduced to since becoming a Beachbody Coach from people such as, Darren Hardy, Jim Rohn, Simon Sinek, and Steven Pressfield, just to name a few, I have started to dig a little deeper past the outside and deal with the junk that has been eating at me from the inside.  And I have even learned to let some of it go.  I have learned that no matter what anyone thinks, I was not put on this Earth to be their doormat, and I do NOT deserve to be put down by anyone.  And that in most cases, no matter how hard you try, you will NEVER be able to make everyone in a situation or group happy!  So, Brenda the “people pleaser” is GONE!  She was pretty cool, but she held in a lot of really tough feelings.  And people took advantage of that kindness, and that was starting to make some of those emotions spiral out of control.  She held in a lot of pain.  And she never showed anyone, but many times, she would even take a few hours, or sometimes even days or weeks, and sink into a very dark, self-destructive, place.

People can be very cruel to people that they think are strong and can take anything!  I have recently met a few AMAZING ladies who I can now talk to about this subject, because I know they understand!  And TOGETHER we make personal gains and work through not letting the “Negative Nellies” or the “Judgment Judys” ruin our celebration of what we have accomplished!  We can be proud of our accomplishments and work through the emotions of feeling bad about ourselves when “haters” want to spread their cruelty.  Because whether it was intentional or not, it really does hurt the same.

So, although I have had a REALLY rough go of it for the last few months, and some variables in my life have not made my depression any easier to deal with, I WILL go on!  I WILL PREVAIL!  I WILL SUCCEED!




Because for the first time in my life……

I BELIEVE IN ME!Believe-in-Yourself-Be-You-2

And if I believe in me, it really doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks!


believe in yourself


Your past is something you can not change.
Your present is only a starting point from this day forward!
Your future will be whatever YOU MAKE IT!

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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Throwback Thursday!

Since it is Throwback Thursday, I want to talk a bit about past successes, and recent set backs.

When you have lost an obscene amount of weight like I have, over 125# (when I was at my fit and comfortable living weight), it is hard when you struggle and gain some back. I look in the mirror some days, and I honestly see that girl pushing 300# again. I know I am not, but my mind’s eye plays tricks on me.


I know this is a common struggle, as I have worked with many women who have lost a lot of weight, to reach a “goal weight” that someone else set for them, and then when they gain a little back, they go into a major FREAK OUT!!!

Maintenance is HARD!

You are looking for balance. Balance is not an easy! Balance is something that most people who deal with obesity simply do not understand! We have been in a state of imbalance for most of our lives! First an imbalance- in excess- gaining weight, then an imbalance- in deficit- to lose the weight. The goal is to find your balance to maintain where you are going to live comfortably and healthily without always living like you are in an constant state of deprivation.

Then you throw in the junk that life WILL throw at you, set backs will happen. Be aware of them. Accept them as part of your journey. Make the necessary adjustments with your diet and exercise. And move forward!

Moving FORWARD is the KEY!!!

Don’t let yourself stay stuck in a place that is taking you backwards!

Your past is something you can not change.
Your present is only a starting point from this day forward!
Your future will be whatever YOU MAKE IT!

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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Please Understand

If you follow me on Facebook, you know I have had a difficult and emotional last week or so.  Not only did suicide once again show its ugly face in my life, but I also lost a family member.  And to make it more tragic, my niece now shares my pain and sorrow of losing a child through premature birth.  So now our baby girls are up in heaven together.  That belief is sometimes the only way I can get through the day. Knowing that one day I will see her again, and that I AM her Mom!

I had tried so many outlets in the past, including some VERY BAD ones!  Things that were so unhealthy, including chain-smoking, stress eating, excessive drinking, and addiction to mind numbing prescription pain medications.  In September of 2008, I decided to try exercise as a form of stress relief.  And today, I have Beachbody programs including the new CIZE.  And for me, CIZE isn’t even like exercise, it is simply dance, which is an great way to release stress.  Finding exercise to help me get healthy physically, has also been a catalyst for me to get healthy and grow in so many other areas of my life.

So the healthy ways I deal with my stress is with dance, exercise, and sharing with all of you through my writing here on this blog and on Facebook.  And something a bit new for me, I wrote a poem last night after seeing pictures on my FB feed of a beautiful new baby that was born this weekend.  I liked the pic, and am genuinely happy for the new parents, I AM!  But sometimes it just hurts to see a happiness that I myself never got to have.  So if I ever don’t seem happy for a new mom or dad, I hope you understand that it is only my own internal sadness, grief, and pain, that cause me to sometimes not want to hold or dote over your new bundle of joy.  And it also most certainly does not mean that I am not sincerely happy for you and your new addition!  Other days, I may swoop that baby up in my arms and be totally great with the world.  Grief is a funny thing, and everyone deals with it differently.  I ask that you Please Understand MY way.

Love To You All!

baby pic and poem-2


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*I could not find the artist’s name for the drawing behind my poem.  I found it on a Google search, and thought it was beautiful, so I hope they do not mind that I used it.*