Throwback Thursday!

Since it is Throwback Thursday, I want to talk a bit about past successes, and recent set backs.

When you have lost an obscene amount of weight like I have, over 125# (when I was at my fit and comfortable living weight), it is hard when you struggle and gain some back. I look in the mirror some days, and I honestly see that girl pushing 300# again. I know I am not, but my mind’s eye plays tricks on me.


I know this is a common struggle, as I have worked with many women who have lost a lot of weight, to reach a “goal weight” that someone else set for them, and then when they gain a little back, they go into a major FREAK OUT!!!

Maintenance is HARD!

You are looking for balance. Balance is not an easy! Balance is something that most people who deal with obesity simply do not understand! We have been in a state of imbalance for most of our lives! First an imbalance- in excess- gaining weight, then an imbalance- in deficit- to lose the weight. The goal is to find your balance to maintain where you are going to live comfortably and healthily without always living like you are in an constant state of deprivation.

Then you throw in the junk that life WILL throw at you, set backs will happen. Be aware of them. Accept them as part of your journey. Make the necessary adjustments with your diet and exercise. And move forward!

Moving FORWARD is the KEY!!!

Don’t let yourself stay stuck in a place that is taking you backwards!

Your past is something you can not change.
Your present is only a starting point from this day forward!
Your future will be whatever YOU MAKE IT!

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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