Happy Friday!!!

It has been an Awesome, Crazy, Busy, Educational Week!

I am a Beachbody Coach. I KNOW you all know that. But I really do LOVE a lot of our products! Even if I didn’t love the fact that I get to be paid for helping people get fit and healthy, I honestly would do it JUST for the 25% Discount! 🙂

BUT today, I got to tell you that the new Beachbody Performance Line, specifically today I am talking about the Recharge that is my new obsession!


When I use it at night, I don’t have horrible muscle soreness. Last night, I forgot to drink it before bed and today….

images (1)


or maybe something like this……



You can best believe that I will NOT be making this mistake again during a tough leg week!  Contact me in the comments or on any of the platforms below, if you would like to know more about this new line.


And if you look like the last little guy BEFORE you work out, you may just need a bit of THIS….energize

LOL! 😉


MAKE today GREAT!!!

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