How Does Your Garden Grow?

Good Morning!  Happy Friday!


With all the studying, working on a few different personal and business growth programs, working full time, struggling with some stress and…ok, I am going to say it, some depression, I need to admit that I have felt very frustrated lately in my fitness business. I WANT to help everyone! I DO! But I can’t do it for them, and I can not just keep giving it all away!  I have had people quit because it isn’t working, to find out that they weren’t actually DOING the work! Nonetheless, it makes Me feel like a failure.  But in all actuality, it has nothing to do with me!

First, people don’t appreciate something near as much if it is FREE, and second, that doesn’t make me a very smart business woman and it shows that I, AND THEY, undervalue me and what I do.

So, when I came across this today on my friend, and The Crew team founder and leader,

Coach Jimmy​’s Facebook page, it REALLY hit me.

planting flowers

And it makes so much sense to me!

In the past, when my m o was to do fad diets and take pills and magic weight loss shakes(basically liquid laxative filled with chemicals and speed) the reason I gained all the weight back, is because I didn’t WORK for the results!

7 years ago(almost to the day, as my fit-aversary was Wednesday 9/16/15), in September of 2008, I made a CHOICE!


fat pic1

I was over 140# overweight that summer, and had gotten down to 275# through some stress over medical tests that I had to have done due to some recent illness.  My doctor said my blood sugar levels were so high, I was looking at going on insulin.  I also had high blood pressure, and my cholesterol was basically the same as gravy.  But on the bright side, it was only my endometriosis giving me problems, and I did not in fact have colon cancer as had been first expected.  I smoked 1+ packs of cigarettes, along with drinking more than a 12 pack of beer each day.  Fast food, pizza, cheese, breaded ANYTHING, and sweets were not included in my diet, they WERE my diet!

But I knew that I would have to be willing to do the HARD WORK if I wanted to be healthy.  It wasn’t easy, and it did not happen fast.  Heck, I am still on my journey!  There will be slip ups, and there will be times that life just deals you a really crappy hand and  you have to deal with it.  I have been dealing with one lately, but I AM doing my best to come out on top!

It is going to take me some time to catch back up with the ideas in my head, but until I do, I will be WORKING!  Exercise at least 5 days a week, and watching my diet closely  And yes, I DO still have treat meals, so if you see me out tonight with my friends, PLEASE don’t feel the need to criticize me!  It isn’t necessary, and it is actually just a way to bully me so that YOU feel better about your own mistakes and slip ups.

My point of all of this?

If you ARE ready, this is a GREAT time to join my team!  I am ready to help plant and grow a BIG Flower Garden! 🙂


Check out my website at and email me what you are thinking, at

And don’t forget your watering can and a sweat towel, because we are going to be WORKING! 🙂

Water pouring from blue watering can onto blooming flower bed

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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