The Sweeter The Better!?!?!

As a ZIN member, I recently did a class to further my abilities to understand clean eating so I can pass it on to you and my clients and students.  I am still NOT an RD, but I did get certified in the Plate program, which is a  clean eating program for a healthy lifestyle by Zumba™.
The very first thing I want to share with you all is a BIG one!
Sugar Detox!
Specifically the role that Artificial Sweeteners play in trying to detox from White Sugar!
They are NOT the solution!  Many of you have seen my rants on sucralose in the past.  The fact that it is bleached with chlorine.  The fact that it disrupted my hormones so badly, that my endometriosis symptoms had me close to putting a gun in my mouth a few times from the pain.  The fact that within 30 days of quitting it, all the hormonal and bloating issues that it causes were GONE!  It is a hard one to avoid, because food manufacturers slip it in EVERYTHING!
Here are just a few facts about artificial sweeteners and thinking they are better and a way to stay away from “real” sugar using the specific example of diet drinks and diet sodas –
artificial sweeteners ZP Lesson
So ditch the sodas!  Regular AND Diet!   Both have their own evil traits when it comes to your metabolism!  Stop giving them the power over you!  And think how much money you could save!  I know, I live with a Dt Mt. Dew addict!  He doesn’t always listen to me, but is down to just 2 a day!  I feel so much better without that junk in my body!  I know the struggle is real, but if you are THAT addicted to something, don’t you kinda have to wonder exactly what is in it MAKING it that addictive???
MAKE today GREAT!!!
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