It’s Coming!!!

Yup, another year has almost come and gone.

But you know what that means, right?

A brand new start!

A clean slate.

A blank book for you to fill the pages with the story of the life that YOU DESIRE!

Stop playing victim to whatever you are letting hold you back!

The BS Story in your head is old news!  We ALL have obstacles!  I have bolts in my back!  I have been obese for most of my life.  I am plain and simple, addicted to food!  And I have demons living in my head that I don’t like to let out too often for fear that they will frighten people away!

But I deal with them.  I seek help when needed, and I move forward!

The only way to get out of your current situation is to TAKE ACTION!

Only YOU can make the changes in your current life to get to the life that you so very much long to live!

MAKE it a GREAT 2016!

Happy New Year!!!!


WHAT??? I am NOT a perfect Fitness Model???

Guess what?




And I am OK with that!

ok not perfect

Now time for some cold, hard, tough-love TRUTHS!

I don’t take unsolicited criticism about my personal life OR my weight very well.  Actually I don’t think I am the exception to the rule here, I think that is pretty much just the way that it is!  If I don’t specifically ask for your opinion, I probably don’t want it.   I have had a rough couple of years, as many of you know.  And I have worked my booty off to hold everything together and am currently working on getting both my nutrition and my fitness back on track.  I share my struggles openly, not because I am asking for advice, but so that others see that they are not alone, and that there is HOPE!  I LOVE the accountability and support that I have gotten from many people in my life.  And I know you can feel it coming, so here it is……

BUT…….  There are also people in my life who think they can “fix” my problems by pointing out that I am NOT PERFECT!  Criticism is NOT a motivator for me!  And if ANYONE EVER touches my fat again to point out that I have some to lose…..I don’t care how close I am to them, they are freaking going down!  That is NOT acceptable behavior from ANYONE in my eyes!

And even though you didn’t ask for it, here is a little history on WHY this upsets me so much.  Between the ages of about 5 and 10 years old, EVERY time I went to my pediatrician, he would poke me in the belly, touching my fat, and saying in his thick Indian accent, “Brenda a little too fat!  Brenda need to be on diet!”  From that day on, I find it an EXCEPTIONAL insult when people touch my muffin top, belly rolls, or God forbid, my BACK FAT or BUTT!!!!  Sure, these days there is less of it, but it really is still no less offensive.  It isn’t “cute”, it isn’t “funny”, and it was recently one of the many poor judgment qualities that caused me to release someone from my life.  I have been made to feel bad for being me for too much of my life.  I am now 44 years old, I am a big girl, and I respect ME!!!  I don’t deserve for anyone to make me feel bad about being me!   And NO ONE has that power UNLESS I give it to them!  And guess what I am NOT going to do? 😉

focus on good

If you want to help me, please focus on what good I have done, and not on my flaws.  Trust me that the little voice in my head does a better job than you could ever dream of doing.  And YES, I do actively work on improving my mindset EVERY day!

moon and stars

I am aware that things about me are not perfect.  I have never claimed to be.  I am not a doll, I am a real live girl! LOL! One with setbacks and struggles and yes, a muffin top!  But you know what?  I am OK with where I am in my life!  I work hard.  I am fit.  I eat right.  And I have some wonderful people in my life who know to just be there for me while I work through things!  I know they are there if I need help or if I need to have a meltdown, and I appreciate them greatly!


And one other thought before I sign off…


So when someone is pointing out all your faults and everything you are doing wrong, remember that that says WAY MORE about them and their current situation than it does you and yours!



Life is a Gift! Celebrate it Everyday!


WOW! I just finished reading an article written by Mary Weiland, Scott Weiland’s ex-wife, about not glorifying his death. That from his destructive lifestyle, he had actually been dead for years, and what truly died on December 3rd, 2015, was HOPE!
A destructive lifestyle is not a MUST in Rock -N-Roll any more than it is for any one of us who abuse our bodies in the MANY ways we do. As with anything else, it is a choice.
I am so happy that I started making better choices over the past 8 years. If not, you all would have never read this blog, but probably would have already read my obituary.
And that makes me think of all the wonderful friends I never would have even met. My life is full of love and positivity now. Before, it seemed daily, I was just trying to figure out how to “get by”. It was a negative doom and gloom existence full of pain killers, cigarettes, comfort food, and booze to numb out all the pain, depression, and fear of my inevitable death to end my worthless life!
Today my life is SO different! I eat right. I exercise. I have friends. I don’t avoid going places because I have a date with a bottle. I love. I smile. I laugh. The fact that I lost over 100# is actually just an added benefit, because it makes it so much easier to enjoy my fit and healthy life! LIVE your life well. Treat your life and body as the gift they are!
lobe being a bb coach
As a Beachbody Coach and a part of The Crew, we say that we are not just health and fitness coaches, but that we Deliver Hope to those who think all is lost. Sometimes you have to see the bottom of that rock, in order to fully appreciate the sun on the other side. All is NOT lost. This is but one season in your journey of life. Time to move on to the next one.  A season of HOPE!

Love. Happiness. And Fitness!

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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