Life is a Gift! Celebrate it Everyday!


WOW! I just finished reading an article written by Mary Weiland, Scott Weiland’s ex-wife, about not glorifying his death. That from his destructive lifestyle, he had actually been dead for years, and what truly died on December 3rd, 2015, was HOPE!
A destructive lifestyle is not a MUST in Rock -N-Roll any more than it is for any one of us who abuse our bodies in the MANY ways we do. As with anything else, it is a choice.
I am so happy that I started making better choices over the past 8 years. If not, you all would have never read this blog, but probably would have already read my obituary.
And that makes me think of all the wonderful friends I never would have even met. My life is full of love and positivity now. Before, it seemed daily, I was just trying to figure out how to “get by”. It was a negative doom and gloom existence full of pain killers, cigarettes, comfort food, and booze to numb out all the pain, depression, and fear of my inevitable death to end my worthless life!
Today my life is SO different! I eat right. I exercise. I have friends. I don’t avoid going places because I have a date with a bottle. I love. I smile. I laugh. The fact that I lost over 100# is actually just an added benefit, because it makes it so much easier to enjoy my fit and healthy life! LIVE your life well. Treat your life and body as the gift they are!
lobe being a bb coach
As a Beachbody Coach and a part of The Crew, we say that we are not just health and fitness coaches, but that we Deliver Hope to those who think all is lost. Sometimes you have to see the bottom of that rock, in order to fully appreciate the sun on the other side. All is NOT lost. This is but one season in your journey of life. Time to move on to the next one.  A season of HOPE!

Love. Happiness. And Fitness!

MAKE today GREAT!!!

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Click HERE to read the article that inspired this post.

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