What’s Wrong With Me???

This is my first blog post in a long time.  20 days to be exact.  I have not really been feeling myself.  And then last week, it REALLY hit me!  Not only was I tired, sore, cranky, bloated, and feeling like a tub of goo, I was also SICK!  I slept for biggest part of 4 DAYS!

After a VERY busy Saturday, I(well…My Body) made the decision to take a whole day to just chill and relax.  So I did.  Besides a bit of minimal food prep and laundry, I basically sat in my recliner and binge watched Fuller House!

But since I also can’t ever do just one thing at a time, I also was listening to and looking over the .pdf for Dr. Mark Hyman’s new book Eat Fat, Get Thin.  I like reading all different nutrition books and theories, but what really hit me, was the CONSTANT that I see in every program – Getting Enough SLEEP!  Since I have been getting up early to workout, I have only been getting about 4.5-5 hours of sleep on average per night.  And even though I have been doing my best at my workouts, I don’t feel like I have been truly getting everything out of them, because with RA, my body simply doesn’t move as well first thing in the morning.  AND, I realized that I am still snacking in the evening.  And WHY?  Because I am not working out, so I am around the house more!  And I feel like I am going backwards in my business on top of it, because I am too tired to concentrate.  So, they say you MUST sacrifice to be successful, right?  Well, I am not seeing the results I had hoped from this new schedule on ANY front!

So, after 4 months of seeing NO real positive benefits from this early morning schedule change, I am going back to doing things the way I was when I was 20# lighter, noticeably stronger and fitter, and had better focus and concentration!  So, you will once again be seeing my activity switch back to evenings!  Tony and I have talked about it, and we think it is best.  I have struggled with more illness, more pain, and more emotional self-struggle in the past 3-4 months, and the lack of sleep and schedule shift is the only change.

Everyone is NOT the same!  And just because something that works for MANY successful people does NOT work for me, does NOT define me as unsuccessful!  There is more than one way to skin a cat!  And my way just doesn’t start before the crack of dawn! 🙂


Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you can’t be successful because you don’t do something EXACTLY like someone else does!


Jackass Whisperer!

Good Morning!
I got “SERVED” with a NASTY message last night from someone I don’t even know. Never met. Never will meet. They know nothing about my life, but felt the need to try to tear me down, so I am guessing they are pretty unhappy in their own life!
Before I go any farther, I want to be very clear that this post is not about the negativity in the message, but about how I chose to deal with the negativity that someone tried to use to soil my life.
I have never been nor have I ever said that I wanted to be “skinny”. I want to be healthy and strong and live more of my life than not, free from the pain of disease and illness. I am almost 45 years old, and spent about 38 of those years in various stages of being overweight, from a little chubby to super morbidly obese and dealing with many issues that come with being overweight and unhealthy.
I do struggle with body image at times, and I THOUGHT that I needed to be “better” than I am to be a health and fitness coach and trainer.
It took a negative message from someone else for me to truly see the light!
I got a message that I have since deleted and banned and blocked the user, because as I read the message, I was in SHOCK that someone would say such horrible things about me!  Then I realized that I did not care what this person thought about me!  I DO inspire and motivate others.  Not because I am skinny, but because I am a fighter!  Because I NEVER give up!  Because I share it all.  The good, the bad, and the ugly!
I know I am not perfect, but I do try my best. I also know that I care 1000% about the people I help, and I LOVE my team who has joined me to do the same. But it saddens me that some negative people can only feel better about themselves by tearing others down rather than lifting them up!
So, if you don’t like me, that is OK. But is it REALLY necessary to follow me, JUST so you can tell me how much you DON’T LIKE ME???
If you did not know that the answer to that is NO, then please feel free to stop following me. 🙂 It’s OK!  I love what my Girl, Brene Brown says about haters
jackass whisperer.jpg
Being a health and fitness role model, has less to do with being “skinny” and “beautiful” and more about being healthy and fit, which also to me includes having a positive outlook that brightens your life! THAT is what I do. I share my struggles so that people know that they are not alone when they battle this or that on their fitness journey. It simply isn’t a straight road to a destination, it is a roller coaster of weight, emotions, injuries, feeling amazing, overdoing it, under-doing it, happy, sad, angry, frustrated, elation. and on and on and on…..
As the Wise Tony Horton says, I do MY BEST and FORGET THE REST!
So, go out there and build someone up! If you don’t know where to start, either go look in a mirror, or message me and we can do this together! 🙂
Love to you all!



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light to darkness


I Won’t Chase You!

As a Beachbody Coach, Certified Personal Trainer, and Fitness Instructor, I get a lot of people who ask me for help.  They say that they want it. They tell me they are “ALL IN”!  They tell me they need to lose weight and need to start eating better and working out!  They ask me my opinion.  They ask me what to do.

Since my passion is to help people as much as possible, I try to show them the best way to get started.  I realize some things seem expensive, but in the long run, preventative healthcare is WAY CHEAPER that reactive healthcare.  And when money truly is an issue, I even try to offer up a way to do things as inexpensively as possible, to get them started.  Especially when they say things like, “I NEED to do this to be here for my kids!”.  As most of you know, I can’t have children, so they, and the parents who were given the gift of caring for them, hold a VERY special place in my heart.

But then it happens!

I still get the whole, “I can’t afford it!” EXCUSE!

We live in a VERY public world nowadays.  You can’t HIDE from your truth.  IF you truly can’t afford it, it will be evident.  BUT, if you put your latest purchases on social media and talk about which fast food restaurants you and your children frequent the most, THAT is your truth!  And quite possible, it is simply that YOU ARE NOT READY! And it since it is your life, that is fine.  But please don’t lie to me and waste my time!


I put my time and my heart and my passion into helping people live healthier lives, and when they get all excited, and then suddenly the line of communication goes quiet and cold, it is heartbreaking to me.  It makes me doubt MY journey through life.

But then I remember….THIS is NOT about my journey.  It is about YOURS!  I can not MAKE you want it.  I can not MAKE you see that with just a little effort, you could be healthier.  You would be around more/longer for your kids.  You would FEEL so much better.  But if something material seems like a better fit for you right now, then so be it.  I will Bless and Release you and hold no ill will.  And because I am who God made me, chances are that I WILL be here when you are ready, so I hope to see you when you do find your way back in the future.

letting go.jpg

My soft heart does NOT make me a push over, but it does get hurt when it is taken advantage of.  And ultimately, it is my soft heart that will be here cheering you on and doing whatever I can to help you reach your health goals when you are ready to make a commitment to You.  It is my soft heart that makes me good at what I do.  Because when YOU commit to your health, REALLY commit to it, I will do whatever I can to help you reach your goals!


But starting TODAY…I will NOT do that at the expense of my own health!  I will not lose anymore sleep, or miss anymore workouts, or miss my meal prep time, chasing anyone down or having the same conversation for the millionth time trying to convince them to care about their health.  Just to be crushed when the next thing I see is them sharing on social media about the things they spent the money that they told me they didn’t have to take care of their health, on other “stuff”.

So, when you are ready, PLEASE CONTACT ME, because I would LOVE to help you!

Love. Peace. And Fitness!

MAKE today GREAT!!!



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Action or Acceptance?

As I am working today, my mind keeps wandering back to a message from an online acquaintance last night, wishing she could have done more for an extended family member who had passed away.  A young mother who passed suddenly due to heart issues directly related to obesity.  I can’t even imagine what her husband and children are going through right now.  My friend went on to say that it frustrated her because she started a new “Quick Fix” diet about once a month.  She would start, maybe lose a couple pounds, maybe not, but then quickly lose her motivation.  Occasionally she would even take a new pill or “Magic potion” and get discouraged when she had not lost 100# in a month.

It all very much hit home for me, because I remember when I WAS her!  But just like with her, the choice to change was mine and MINE ALONE!  I knew that no one could ever do it for me, or even want it badly enough for me.  That had to come from within.

And today I sit here with a grateful heart that I finally made the commitment to myself to fight for my health.  That decision was first made nearly 8 years ago, and I thank God that all the days since then, I have chosen to make it more days than not.  It is a daily commitment to yourself and the gift that you have been given.  I am also grateful that God has given me the passion to share this choice daily with the world.  Some days it is a wonderful “All In” commitment, and other days it is an, “I am only human and today SUCKS” fiasco.  But each day I wake up, I am given the chance to make the choice again.  And the goal is to choose wisely more often than not.

Today as I sit here feeling a bit “fluffy” from having a few cocktails this weekend, I decided to leave the past behind me and MAKE today a GREAT day!  Today I CHOOSE life!  Today I CHOOSE happiness!  Today I CHOOSE health!  Today I CHOOSE ME!

What will you choose today?

Action OR Acceptance?