Action or Acceptance?

As I am working today, my mind keeps wandering back to a message from an online acquaintance last night, wishing she could have done more for an extended family member who had passed away.  A young mother who passed suddenly due to heart issues directly related to obesity.  I can’t even imagine what her husband and children are going through right now.  My friend went on to say that it frustrated her because she started a new “Quick Fix” diet about once a month.  She would start, maybe lose a couple pounds, maybe not, but then quickly lose her motivation.  Occasionally she would even take a new pill or “Magic potion” and get discouraged when she had not lost 100# in a month.

It all very much hit home for me, because I remember when I WAS her!  But just like with her, the choice to change was mine and MINE ALONE!  I knew that no one could ever do it for me, or even want it badly enough for me.  That had to come from within.

And today I sit here with a grateful heart that I finally made the commitment to myself to fight for my health.  That decision was first made nearly 8 years ago, and I thank God that all the days since then, I have chosen to make it more days than not.  It is a daily commitment to yourself and the gift that you have been given.  I am also grateful that God has given me the passion to share this choice daily with the world.  Some days it is a wonderful “All In” commitment, and other days it is an, “I am only human and today SUCKS” fiasco.  But each day I wake up, I am given the chance to make the choice again.  And the goal is to choose wisely more often than not.

Today as I sit here feeling a bit “fluffy” from having a few cocktails this weekend, I decided to leave the past behind me and MAKE today a GREAT day!  Today I CHOOSE life!  Today I CHOOSE happiness!  Today I CHOOSE health!  Today I CHOOSE ME!

What will you choose today?

Action OR Acceptance?


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