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Good Morning!
I got “SERVED” with a NASTY message last night from someone I don’t even know. Never met. Never will meet. They know nothing about my life, but felt the need to try to tear me down, so I am guessing they are pretty unhappy in their own life!
Before I go any farther, I want to be very clear that this post is not about the negativity in the message, but about how I chose to deal with the negativity that someone tried to use to soil my life.
I have never been nor have I ever said that I wanted to be “skinny”. I want to be healthy and strong and live more of my life than not, free from the pain of disease and illness. I am almost 45 years old, and spent about 38 of those years in various stages of being overweight, from a little chubby to super morbidly obese and dealing with many issues that come with being overweight and unhealthy.
I do struggle with body image at times, and I THOUGHT that I needed to be “better” than I am to be a health and fitness coach and trainer.
It took a negative message from someone else for me to truly see the light!
I got a message that I have since deleted and banned and blocked the user, because as I read the message, I was in SHOCK that someone would say such horrible things about me!  Then I realized that I did not care what this person thought about me!  I DO inspire and motivate others.  Not because I am skinny, but because I am a fighter!  Because I NEVER give up!  Because I share it all.  The good, the bad, and the ugly!
I know I am not perfect, but I do try my best. I also know that I care 1000% about the people I help, and I LOVE my team who has joined me to do the same. But it saddens me that some negative people can only feel better about themselves by tearing others down rather than lifting them up!
So, if you don’t like me, that is OK. But is it REALLY necessary to follow me, JUST so you can tell me how much you DON’T LIKE ME???
If you did not know that the answer to that is NO, then please feel free to stop following me. 🙂 It’s OK!  I love what my Girl, Brene Brown says about haters
jackass whisperer.jpg
Being a health and fitness role model, has less to do with being “skinny” and “beautiful” and more about being healthy and fit, which also to me includes having a positive outlook that brightens your life! THAT is what I do. I share my struggles so that people know that they are not alone when they battle this or that on their fitness journey. It simply isn’t a straight road to a destination, it is a roller coaster of weight, emotions, injuries, feeling amazing, overdoing it, under-doing it, happy, sad, angry, frustrated, elation. and on and on and on…..
As the Wise Tony Horton says, I do MY BEST and FORGET THE REST!
So, go out there and build someone up! If you don’t know where to start, either go look in a mirror, or message me and we can do this together! 🙂
Love to you all!



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