What’s Wrong With Me???

This is my first blog post in a long time.  20 days to be exact.  I have not really been feeling myself.  And then last week, it REALLY hit me!  Not only was I tired, sore, cranky, bloated, and feeling like a tub of goo, I was also SICK!  I slept for biggest part of 4 DAYS!

After a VERY busy Saturday, I(well…My Body) made the decision to take a whole day to just chill and relax.  So I did.  Besides a bit of minimal food prep and laundry, I basically sat in my recliner and binge watched Fuller House!

But since I also can’t ever do just one thing at a time, I also was listening to and looking over the .pdf for Dr. Mark Hyman’s new book Eat Fat, Get Thin.  I like reading all different nutrition books and theories, but what really hit me, was the CONSTANT that I see in every program – Getting Enough SLEEP!  Since I have been getting up early to workout, I have only been getting about 4.5-5 hours of sleep on average per night.  And even though I have been doing my best at my workouts, I don’t feel like I have been truly getting everything out of them, because with RA, my body simply doesn’t move as well first thing in the morning.  AND, I realized that I am still snacking in the evening.  And WHY?  Because I am not working out, so I am around the house more!  And I feel like I am going backwards in my business on top of it, because I am too tired to concentrate.  So, they say you MUST sacrifice to be successful, right?  Well, I am not seeing the results I had hoped from this new schedule on ANY front!

So, after 4 months of seeing NO real positive benefits from this early morning schedule change, I am going back to doing things the way I was when I was 20# lighter, noticeably stronger and fitter, and had better focus and concentration!  So, you will once again be seeing my activity switch back to evenings!  Tony and I have talked about it, and we think it is best.  I have struggled with more illness, more pain, and more emotional self-struggle in the past 3-4 months, and the lack of sleep and schedule shift is the only change.

Everyone is NOT the same!  And just because something that works for MANY successful people does NOT work for me, does NOT define me as unsuccessful!  There is more than one way to skin a cat!  And my way just doesn’t start before the crack of dawn! 🙂


Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you can’t be successful because you don’t do something EXACTLY like someone else does!


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