Get Summer Strong!

Today my blog is going to be ALL Business!


You may OR may not know, but I am having a photo shoot done on June 10th.

WHY you ask?

#1 -It is a chance to see my friend Stace from KICKPICS, AND get to work with him at the same time! 🙂 He is an AMAZING photographer and does great Martial Arts and Fitness shoots!  His timing is AMAZING, which if you are like me and holding kicks or pull ups is hard for you, is a HUGE plus in making you look like an even bigger badass than you really are! 😉

#2 – You HAVE to have GOALS!  This is a goal for me!  I am getting older, I am in a time im a woman’s life where her hormones take over and you begin to feel that you are at their mercy, and quite frankly, the last 2 years of my life have brought up some life struggles that have thrown me WAY OFF my game.  But having something to focus on is bringing me BACK!


So, what does this mean for YOU?

How does this affect YOU?

I LOVE working with like-minded people with similar goals and dreams.

I am going to be hosting a support group for any of my new or current Beachbody Customers who are willing to make a 60 day commitment!  Again, what does that mean?


summer strong

1. Choose a program to commit to! You can choose between 22 Minute Hard Corps, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, 21 Day Fix (or 21 Day Fix EXTREME), CIZE, or #BOD Exclusive: Brazil Butt Lift: CARNIVALE

2. Commit to your fitness track by choosing a program below and joining the corresponding Summer Strong Facebook Group.

3. Take your before photos before you start your program and submit your before/after photos between May 23rd, 2016 and June 7th, 2016. Links will be provided in the Facebook groups.

4. BONUS!!!  I will be hosting a PRIVATE Challenge Group for just those who respond to this offer by emailing me at

5. BONUS #2 – This challenge starts on April 4th, which is one week from today, so you MUST act fast!  And for acting FAST, and getting in on this one, I will give the first 10 people with a confirmed Challenge Pack order as my customer a FREE Fixate Cookbook!


So, if you know what program you wish to use, send me an email to with your



Phone(optional, but helpful)

Preferred Program(OR questions about which plan is best for you)

Shakeology Flavor(Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Greenberry, Cafe Latte, Vegan Chocolate, or Vegan Tropical Strawberry)

EXCEPTION to using Shakeology is by purchasing the Beachbody Club, Master’s Hammer and Chisel, or the 22 Minute Hard Corps with the Beachbody Performance line. (Contact me for details and ordering links for these options)

I am SO EXCITED to get this started!  I myself will be using 22 Minute Hard Corps, Shakeology, AND the Beachbody Performance line.  I will also be doing my best to train for a Half Marathon on May 21st.  I am a bit behind in my training, but I am not looking to set any records anyway.  Just finish 🙂

So hit me up!  I am looking forward to working with you! 🙂

Mad As Hell! What To Do About It?

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I wasn’t around much this weekend.  Many might have thought I just had big Easter Plans, but sadly, NO.  I fell hard yesterday.  I hit a place that I have not been in awhile.  I thought I was going to deal with it all OK, but didn’t work out that way.  And as the day went on, it progressively got worse and worse.  I had an uncontrollable bout of sadness and depression.  I could hardly function, and THAT made me ANGRY!


Now this morning, the sadness and depression are lingering, but the ANGER?  Oh My!  I am SO mad at myself.  After an AMAZING week long detox, and feeling great on Saturday morning, I decided to feed the monster within, and overate CRAP all weekend!  Now I am so angry with myself, I don’t know what to do.

I would LOVE to tell you that I am easily going to brush it under the rug and say, it is in the past, nothing I can do about it now, so put it behind me and move forward.  But I am having a hard time explaining that to myself this morning.  But I did jump right back into my routine as best I could this morning, in hopes that it will snap me out of this “Debbie Downer” mood quickly and get back to being the positive person that I want to be!  As I always say, “Bring Your Own Light To The Darkness!”

light to darkness

I know sometimes it seems that I make light of my depression, but it is just my defense mechanism.  I know how serious it is.  Trust me, as I sat yesterday in my recliner crying, feeling useless, feeling like, “How do I continue to help others, when I have days like this?  Will they even want me too?”, wondering if there is going to be a day that the pain in my body and the demons in my head are going to join forces and take “me” away, and I actually had thoughts about giving up EVERYTHING I have worked so hard for!

So, YES!  I DO know how serious it is.  But I can’t let myself LIVE there.  I have to get through the worst parts, get REALLY F-ing MAD, and do my best to move forward!  I don’t like to hash it out over and over and over again!  I am not one to reach out for help or want someone to “discuss” my issues with, because I HATE pity and REALLY hate beating a dead horse!  And just so you know, unsolicited advice is even worse!  If I choose to take a medication or see a new shrink or work with an online therapist, or just write a new blog post like this, because THAT is what make ME most comfortable…then don’t try to push what YOU think is best for me.  Everyone may be entitled to an opinion, but when it comes to My Life, I am also entitled to tell you what to do with that opinion!

And if you made it this far in this rant, I Thank You for listening.

Sending LOVE out to ALL of you who struggle with depression.  It SUCKS!  And when people see a bright smiling face one minute, and tears the next, they most likely are NOT going to understand.  And even though the pain is very real, do your best to not let it steal YOU!

MAKE the BEST of EVERY Day!!!

download (1)

Should I Quit?

That is the question that was going through my head Sunday.

You see, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I know that eating processed CRAP makes it worse.  I know that too much gluten makes me swell like road kill in the Midwest in July. GROSS, but description is “On Point”, right? 😉


Back to my point.  I decided to do a 7 day detox to rid my body of some of the inflammation that I have been causing myself due to eating “off” from the way I know I should eat.  Call it depression.  Call it fear.  Call it self sabotage.  Call it stupid.  Call it whatever you want, but it has been happening too much lately.  So I decided to end my 40 day alcohol fat with 7 days of 100% clean eating.  I am on Day 5!  Sunday was Day 2, and I was suffering.  I had a horrible headache and every muscle and joint in my body was causing me excruciating pain.  I couldn’t focus and I was ready to QUIT!  Honestly, I was ready to crawl under a rock never to be seen or heard from again.  This was the worst day of pain, and I deal with a lot of pain on a daily basis, that I have had in a LONG time.  And I reached out to a friend who reassured me that I could get through this!  So I did break down and take some OTC anti-inflammatory meds for the pain and tried to focus on my meal prep and resting for the remainder of the day.

Then Monday came, and I felt a little bit better.  Then Tuesday came and I felt a little better.  Now today, I will say that my brain fog is probably the best it has been in over a year!  I am still pretty achy, but I am going to chalk some of that up to the dreary weather today.

I am just so happy I didn’t quit, and pushed through that initial pain and the horrible way I felt on Sunday.   I am down 9.2# since Saturday morning, and even though I know that isn’t fat loss, I know that it is a reduction in inflammation all over my body!  I don’t “look” like I have lost that much, but I do feel lighter.  I feel healthier.  I feel less swollen. I feel like jumping for JOY!!! 🙂

jump for joy

Also, I am actually finding that I miss very few things that I thought would really bother me.  And having my husband support me through it, and help me out by cooking for himself, instead of complaining about having to eat separate meals, has been great.

So, that is kind of a recap of me getting through the first 4 days of what I was pretty sure was going to be very difficult for me.  And honestly, the first 2 days were kinda brutal on me, and I am very happy that I chose to start on Saturday instead of Monday.

So, have you ever done a reboot detox?

I would love to know if you struggled, what you did to push through, or if you gave up on it because it was too hard on you.

I did all of this, because come April 4th, when I start 22 Minute Hard Corps for the Beachbody Summer Strong Challenge, I will be feeling my best and ready to GO!

summer strong.png


BUT…BEFORE we start that contest, I have a contest of my own!  The next person who gets a 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack through me, will get a FREE Fixate Cookbook!**  It is a perfect partner to go with the nutrition program to give you more variety and keep you on track!

FIxate giveaway

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Act FAST!!!  There is only ONE up for grabs this time! 🙂

**If you already are, or are already working with another Beachbody Coach, I am sorry but you are not eligible for this contest.  You must be My Customer to win.


Life After Death

This is not my normal happy, positive, fitness related post, but something I want to share.

I have struggled with depression and suicidal tendencies since I was very young.  My treatment for my depression as a child was barbaric, frightening, and the actual treatments were mostly guilt and scare tactics.  Somehow, by the Grace of God, I made it through.

Today I came across this wonderfully written blog by a local funeral director about dealing with death and suicide.  I thought it was very well written and wanted to share it with you all.

Click on the picture below to  read Mr Jeff Spear’s words.


I Am Wise

Which one of these Statements is resonating with you today?
Today, for Me, it would have to be “I am Wise because I learn from my Mistakes”
I HATE admitting when I am wrong when in my heart and soul I believe I am right about something. But when someone proves me wrong without a shadow of a doubt in my mind, I WILL eat some crow and admit it! I am teachable, and I can learn. But I do have very strong opinions and beliefs in certain things. And sometimes, I do believe that what is 100% right for one person, CAN in fact be 100% WRONG for another. But I am learning to be more open minded in those situations.
Life truly is a choice! It does not happen TO YOU, unless you let it!  So if you never learn that doing something the same way over and over will never bring you a different outcome.  If you want a better life, then you have to do something different than you are doing now. Your life will NEVER change if you continue on the same path!
THAT is what I learned recently in a very sobering way! In the past, I would have let my current situation become a dream killer and went right back to believing that I was meant for nothing more than sitting at a desk for the next 25-30 years working as a bookkeeper.
THAT, I do NOT believe!!!
I truly believe in my heart that God put me here for MORE than that! I believe that I went through the struggles in my life that I did, so that I in some way can help others.  Maybe just to know they are not alone.  Maybe to show them that your past does not define you unless you let it!  Maybe to be the one that helps them start on their journey to be healthier with a program through Beachbody, my Fitness and Dance Fitness classes, or through personal training. 
Your future IS your choice. Bad shit happens! But it is how You REACT and the choices You make after that stuff that truly defines who you are and what your future holds.
I am Strong!
I am Beautiful!
I am Fearless!
I am Wise!
I am a Lover!
I can Laugh!
And I intend to MAKE today GREAT!!!
Peace, Love, And Fitness!!!

Round 2!!! STILL with the Excuses???

Don’t fall over!  Yes, this is the 3rd blog post in less than a week!  But I have a lot that I need off my chest right now about some things that I have realized through some work that I have been doing on myself with the help of a program from Dr Mcayla so I am just going to get right into this one!
I am a nice person! And sometimes being a nice person means people take advantage of me. And sometimes it means people think that good things just happen TO me. Well, that honestly could not be farther from the truth! I get punched down by life all the time. But you know what? I get up and I PUNCH BACK!!!
It is MY choice!
I have heard all the excuses! I understand being sore, tired, broke, depressed, sick, sad, you name it! I really do understand! But is any one of those excuses a “GOOD” excuse to not try to better your life? REALLY? ESPECIALLY when it comes to your HEALTH!!!
I struggle to MAKE my life better EVERY day! It isn’t easy, and NO ONE gives it to me! I bust my butt for it, and when I slack off due to uncontrollable events, OR BY MY OWN DOING, the result is the same! And right now, I am fighting my way back now from what turned into a horrible downward spiral in my life. But I AM FIGHTING!
I am DONE trying to hide the fact that I am not only struggling health wise, but emotionally and mentally. I am fighting weight gain and depression! I have fought depression and emotional issues all my life. I am shaking as I type this, because every time I share this part of my life, I fear being judged. But I am SO SICK of people who think they are “NORMAL” judging me!
I have battled hard to climb out of this dark hole that I have been creeping down into, ever since Christmas of 2014, when I came to the reality that my Dad was really going downhill and that it was evident that he was dying. It took me back to being a scared 9 year old that had just lost her Grandfather. My Dad’s Dad. That was when my emotional/mental issues all came to a peak, and after trying to commit suicide, I was admitted to the mental health ward at our local hospital, where I would experience the most horrifying time of my life.
But I don’t let that define me! I make an EFFORT every day! And I can’t have negativity from others holding me back! NONE of it will be tolerated in my life from here on out! If you WANT my help, I will be here for you 100%! But it will not happen for you if you WAIT for life to get better. I know this, because it is where I have been teetering for awhile now! I have BIG DREAMS! But I don’t act on them out of fear because there is always someone out there giving me that disapproving look, and telling me WHY it won’t work for them. The ONLY thing keeping Me from success is ME! And the only thing keeping YOU from success is YOU!  
So, Lead, Follow, JOIN ME, or get the hell out of my way! This train is pulling out of the poor me pity station and is on a one way trip to both health and business success. Do you want on, or are you going to stay right there at the train station making excuses about why you are going nowhere? 
Build a House of Success OR Build a House of Failure!
It’s YOUR life!  Stop Reacting to what happens TO YOU and get up and FIGHT for the life you WANT!
It truly is YOUR CHOICE!
#NoExcuses #NeverGiveUp #SorryNotSorry #ToughLove #ChooseHappiness


I have talked about this before, but it keeps coming up, so here it is again!  EXCUSES!!!


I am so often asked what I did to get rid of my back pain after my 3 back surgeries.  

My answer to that is I DIDN’T!

Pure and simple, I hurt EVERY DAY!  I have a low lumbar to sacral spine fusion, along with degenerative disk disease. arthritis, mild RA, an old shoulder injury, and my right ankle is goofy, because since I was a 12# breech baby, they had to break it when I was born, and as a result, I am missing some cartilage.

So WHY do I do all that I do?  Because I can either hurt AND be unhealthy and do NOTHING with my life to ever make it better.  OR….I can do my best and try to inspire and motivate others to look past their excuses and do something!

Excuses will get you nowhere!  The excuses I used 10 years ago(my back, my weight, my aches, and on and on) were DUMB!  I did not realize that I would actually hurt so much less than I did while being 140# overweight!  And to ditch diabetes, high BP, and high cholesterol all at the same time?  NO excuse is big enough to justify not getting healthy and keeping from having to take hundreds of dollars in medications each month just to mask symptoms!  Meds don’t HEAL, they mask!  

So sure, I sometimes do take an acetominphen or naproxen sodium for my pain, but it is MUCH better than the handfuls of narcotics I used to take DAILY!  Not to mention the large amount of booze I used to consume daily just to dull the pain.  And I KEEP MOVING!  Modify is my middle name!  I simply don’t move the same way other people do!

I do MY best!  But I do NOT use back pain that I am going to have whether I am lying on a couch or walking or doing Zumba or doing a Beachbody DVD program or jogging.  The pain is there!  It is not going anywhere.  But I will not let it be the excuse that keeps me from living my life!  I have dreams that can’t be accomplished from a couch!  

My dreams are BIGGER than my excuses!  And my biggest dream is to help others win the battle against their excuses and get to living their life in a way that serves THEIR DREAMS! 

Are YOU Ready???

Living Life Bullied

Below is an article that I wrote a couple of years ago to help out a friend that was running an Anti-Bullying campaign for National Bullying Prevention Day in 2013.  A few things have come up, including more local teen suicides, so I wanted to reiterate just how much what one might think of as simple “teasing”, can do to someone with an already fragile self-esteem.  Which is about 99% of ALL kids and teens, so I thought it worthy of a re-blog.  And if you haven’t seen it, make sure you get to the bottom to see the Android Anti-Bullying Rock, Paper, Scissors commercial.  I LOVE IT! 🙂


nat bully prevent day

I look back to a difficult time in my life that I am NOT real fond of talking about, but if it can help just one child, teen, or adult in some way, shape, or form, maybe it is my duty to share.

See, I was a fat kid who also had a lot of emotional problems. I also was one of the very few kids in my neighborhood who went to a Catholic grade school who just so happened to force us to wear the UGLIEST uniforms known to man!  AND I wore VERY thick glasses.  I was teased, and made fun of often.  I had some good friends, and I had a good family, and I basically had a pretty good childhood.  But sometimes, a few ill spoken, ill-timed words to an already depressed and troubled child can scar them for life.  I never really thought much of myself.  


And in 1981, when I was 9 years old, my emotional rollercoaster hit a downward spiral.  I lost a couple family members within weeks of each other, and I did not handle it well.  I got very depressed and very scared about losing more.  So I withdrew more.  I wouldn’t go to school, I became more and more depressed, tried to commit suicide, and ended up in the only psychiatric ward in town, which did not have a seperate ward for children.  It was scary and even worse, the kids at school found out.  They were TOLD that I was going through some stress and to be nice to me.  HA!  That only made it WORSE!!!  I was now not only made fun of for being fat, but also CRAZY!  I contemplated suicide often, and even attempted it again.  More doctors.  More therapy. MORE BULLYING!!!


I started trying to diet and lose weight when I was 10 by taking my mom’s diet pills and starving myself for days at a time.  Well….that had stellar results!  NOT!  I did have boyfriends in highschool, and I did have friends, but I remember being riduculed and referred to as “the big girl”, and even remember a specific comment when I tried to actually do something to help my confidence by trying out for the pom pom squad.  Even though I was actually a pretty good dancer and had the routine down pretty good, one of the girls said,  “Why would that uncoordinated cow even try out for the squad?”  THAT hurt like a million knives going through me!  So since it hurt like a cut, I started cutting and burning myself.


Results of bullying ruled my life and kept me down for a very LONG time.  I am so happy to have found my way out from under the hold it had on me.  I hope that by putting this out there, it helps someone to know that they are NOT alone, and you CAN stand up for yourself!  Whether the bullying is happening now or happened years ago, find your voice.  Be YOU!  You ARE good enough just as you are!  You may be weird, you may be unique, you may be what others call “different”.  We should celebrate our differences, NOT use them to tear each other down.


I am now healthy, fit, and don’t stuff my feelings down to numb myself out with food anymore!  And the thoughts of hurting myself have not reared their ugly head for a long time.  Find support!  Use your voice!  Ask for help!  Whatever you need to get you through and passed it if you are or have ever had to deal with being bullied!