Round 2!!! STILL with the Excuses???

Don’t fall over!  Yes, this is the 3rd blog post in less than a week!  But I have a lot that I need off my chest right now about some things that I have realized through some work that I have been doing on myself with the help of a program from Dr Mcayla so I am just going to get right into this one!
I am a nice person! And sometimes being a nice person means people take advantage of me. And sometimes it means people think that good things just happen TO me. Well, that honestly could not be farther from the truth! I get punched down by life all the time. But you know what? I get up and I PUNCH BACK!!!
It is MY choice!
I have heard all the excuses! I understand being sore, tired, broke, depressed, sick, sad, you name it! I really do understand! But is any one of those excuses a “GOOD” excuse to not try to better your life? REALLY? ESPECIALLY when it comes to your HEALTH!!!
I struggle to MAKE my life better EVERY day! It isn’t easy, and NO ONE gives it to me! I bust my butt for it, and when I slack off due to uncontrollable events, OR BY MY OWN DOING, the result is the same! And right now, I am fighting my way back now from what turned into a horrible downward spiral in my life. But I AM FIGHTING!
I am DONE trying to hide the fact that I am not only struggling health wise, but emotionally and mentally. I am fighting weight gain and depression! I have fought depression and emotional issues all my life. I am shaking as I type this, because every time I share this part of my life, I fear being judged. But I am SO SICK of people who think they are “NORMAL” judging me!
I have battled hard to climb out of this dark hole that I have been creeping down into, ever since Christmas of 2014, when I came to the reality that my Dad was really going downhill and that it was evident that he was dying. It took me back to being a scared 9 year old that had just lost her Grandfather. My Dad’s Dad. That was when my emotional/mental issues all came to a peak, and after trying to commit suicide, I was admitted to the mental health ward at our local hospital, where I would experience the most horrifying time of my life.
But I don’t let that define me! I make an EFFORT every day! And I can’t have negativity from others holding me back! NONE of it will be tolerated in my life from here on out! If you WANT my help, I will be here for you 100%! But it will not happen for you if you WAIT for life to get better. I know this, because it is where I have been teetering for awhile now! I have BIG DREAMS! But I don’t act on them out of fear because there is always someone out there giving me that disapproving look, and telling me WHY it won’t work for them. The ONLY thing keeping Me from success is ME! And the only thing keeping YOU from success is YOU!  
So, Lead, Follow, JOIN ME, or get the hell out of my way! This train is pulling out of the poor me pity station and is on a one way trip to both health and business success. Do you want on, or are you going to stay right there at the train station making excuses about why you are going nowhere? 
Build a House of Success OR Build a House of Failure!
It’s YOUR life!  Stop Reacting to what happens TO YOU and get up and FIGHT for the life you WANT!
It truly is YOUR CHOICE!
#NoExcuses #NeverGiveUp #SorryNotSorry #ToughLove #ChooseHappiness

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