I Am Wise

Which one of these Statements is resonating with you today?
Today, for Me, it would have to be “I am Wise because I learn from my Mistakes”
I HATE admitting when I am wrong when in my heart and soul I believe I am right about something. But when someone proves me wrong without a shadow of a doubt in my mind, I WILL eat some crow and admit it! I am teachable, and I can learn. But I do have very strong opinions and beliefs in certain things. And sometimes, I do believe that what is 100% right for one person, CAN in fact be 100% WRONG for another. But I am learning to be more open minded in those situations.
Life truly is a choice! It does not happen TO YOU, unless you let it!  So if you never learn that doing something the same way over and over will never bring you a different outcome.  If you want a better life, then you have to do something different than you are doing now. Your life will NEVER change if you continue on the same path!
THAT is what I learned recently in a very sobering way! In the past, I would have let my current situation become a dream killer and went right back to believing that I was meant for nothing more than sitting at a desk for the next 25-30 years working as a bookkeeper.
THAT, I do NOT believe!!!
I truly believe in my heart that God put me here for MORE than that! I believe that I went through the struggles in my life that I did, so that I in some way can help others.  Maybe just to know they are not alone.  Maybe to show them that your past does not define you unless you let it!  Maybe to be the one that helps them start on their journey to be healthier with a program through Beachbody, my Fitness and Dance Fitness classes, or through personal training. 
Your future IS your choice. Bad shit happens! But it is how You REACT and the choices You make after that stuff that truly defines who you are and what your future holds.
I am Strong!
I am Beautiful!
I am Fearless!
I am Wise!
I am a Lover!
I can Laugh!
And I intend to MAKE today GREAT!!!
Peace, Love, And Fitness!!!

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