Should I Quit?

That is the question that was going through my head Sunday.

You see, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I know that eating processed CRAP makes it worse.  I know that too much gluten makes me swell like road kill in the Midwest in July. GROSS, but description is “On Point”, right? 😉


Back to my point.  I decided to do a 7 day detox to rid my body of some of the inflammation that I have been causing myself due to eating “off” from the way I know I should eat.  Call it depression.  Call it fear.  Call it self sabotage.  Call it stupid.  Call it whatever you want, but it has been happening too much lately.  So I decided to end my 40 day alcohol fat with 7 days of 100% clean eating.  I am on Day 5!  Sunday was Day 2, and I was suffering.  I had a horrible headache and every muscle and joint in my body was causing me excruciating pain.  I couldn’t focus and I was ready to QUIT!  Honestly, I was ready to crawl under a rock never to be seen or heard from again.  This was the worst day of pain, and I deal with a lot of pain on a daily basis, that I have had in a LONG time.  And I reached out to a friend who reassured me that I could get through this!  So I did break down and take some OTC anti-inflammatory meds for the pain and tried to focus on my meal prep and resting for the remainder of the day.

Then Monday came, and I felt a little bit better.  Then Tuesday came and I felt a little better.  Now today, I will say that my brain fog is probably the best it has been in over a year!  I am still pretty achy, but I am going to chalk some of that up to the dreary weather today.

I am just so happy I didn’t quit, and pushed through that initial pain and the horrible way I felt on Sunday.   I am down 9.2# since Saturday morning, and even though I know that isn’t fat loss, I know that it is a reduction in inflammation all over my body!  I don’t “look” like I have lost that much, but I do feel lighter.  I feel healthier.  I feel less swollen. I feel like jumping for JOY!!! 🙂

jump for joy

Also, I am actually finding that I miss very few things that I thought would really bother me.  And having my husband support me through it, and help me out by cooking for himself, instead of complaining about having to eat separate meals, has been great.

So, that is kind of a recap of me getting through the first 4 days of what I was pretty sure was going to be very difficult for me.  And honestly, the first 2 days were kinda brutal on me, and I am very happy that I chose to start on Saturday instead of Monday.

So, have you ever done a reboot detox?

I would love to know if you struggled, what you did to push through, or if you gave up on it because it was too hard on you.

I did all of this, because come April 4th, when I start 22 Minute Hard Corps for the Beachbody Summer Strong Challenge, I will be feeling my best and ready to GO!

summer strong.png


BUT…BEFORE we start that contest, I have a contest of my own!  The next person who gets a 22 Minute Hard Corps Challenge Pack through me, will get a FREE Fixate Cookbook!**  It is a perfect partner to go with the nutrition program to give you more variety and keep you on track!

FIxate giveaway

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