Get Summer Strong!

Today my blog is going to be ALL Business!


You may OR may not know, but I am having a photo shoot done on June 10th.

WHY you ask?

#1 -It is a chance to see my friend Stace from KICKPICS, AND get to work with him at the same time! 🙂 He is an AMAZING photographer and does great Martial Arts and Fitness shoots!  His timing is AMAZING, which if you are like me and holding kicks or pull ups is hard for you, is a HUGE plus in making you look like an even bigger badass than you really are! 😉

#2 – You HAVE to have GOALS!  This is a goal for me!  I am getting older, I am in a time im a woman’s life where her hormones take over and you begin to feel that you are at their mercy, and quite frankly, the last 2 years of my life have brought up some life struggles that have thrown me WAY OFF my game.  But having something to focus on is bringing me BACK!


So, what does this mean for YOU?

How does this affect YOU?

I LOVE working with like-minded people with similar goals and dreams.

I am going to be hosting a support group for any of my new or current Beachbody Customers who are willing to make a 60 day commitment!  Again, what does that mean?


summer strong

1. Choose a program to commit to! You can choose between 22 Minute Hard Corps, The Master’s Hammer and Chisel, 21 Day Fix (or 21 Day Fix EXTREME), CIZE, or #BOD Exclusive: Brazil Butt Lift: CARNIVALE

2. Commit to your fitness track by choosing a program below and joining the corresponding Summer Strong Facebook Group.

3. Take your before photos before you start your program and submit your before/after photos between May 23rd, 2016 and June 7th, 2016. Links will be provided in the Facebook groups.

4. BONUS!!!  I will be hosting a PRIVATE Challenge Group for just those who respond to this offer by emailing me at

5. BONUS #2 – This challenge starts on April 4th, which is one week from today, so you MUST act fast!  And for acting FAST, and getting in on this one, I will give the first 10 people with a confirmed Challenge Pack order as my customer a FREE Fixate Cookbook!


So, if you know what program you wish to use, send me an email to with your



Phone(optional, but helpful)

Preferred Program(OR questions about which plan is best for you)

Shakeology Flavor(Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Greenberry, Cafe Latte, Vegan Chocolate, or Vegan Tropical Strawberry)

EXCEPTION to using Shakeology is by purchasing the Beachbody Club, Master’s Hammer and Chisel, or the 22 Minute Hard Corps with the Beachbody Performance line. (Contact me for details and ordering links for these options)

I am SO EXCITED to get this started!  I myself will be using 22 Minute Hard Corps, Shakeology, AND the Beachbody Performance line.  I will also be doing my best to train for a Half Marathon on May 21st.  I am a bit behind in my training, but I am not looking to set any records anyway.  Just finish 🙂

So hit me up!  I am looking forward to working with you! 🙂

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