More Progress!!!


I have to be at a Beachbody meeting in St Louis on 10/29/16, so I had to scratch that date off the possibilities list and will be working to figure out what date will work for Grand Opening Date ASAP!

Maybe Sunday 10/30/16???

Not 100% sure that will work, but I will make a decision soon depending on the building’s progress over the next week, I promise! As I said before some of the big jobs are done, but we still don’t have a few things complete that are necessary to have done BEFORE I can start painting and doing the flooring, so as soon as I CAN make a decision, I will let you all know!

AND….I know it has only been 3 workdays since my last update blog, but look at all the progress!!!!  I am STOKED! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Progression of the block supporting wall removal and beam going up!

Temporary walls are up to support during the removal. (Thursday)



Block Wall is down temporary walls awaiting the new Support Beam and small pillars.(Friday)



Beam is up! (Saturday)



All temporary walls are down and the floor is extended to the back of the room! (Monday)

Bathroom floor and plumbing almost done! (Tuesday)


So, amazing progress is being made, but there are still a few major things, and then a LOT of cleaning jobs and some cosmetic things that need to be completed.  My excitement AND my anxiety are growing daily!  LOL!  But the anxiety can always be brought down to a manageable level when I think about how amazing my future is going to be!


❤ ❤ Love to all of you who are supporting me through this wonderful time! ❤ ❤


Fitness Studio Update!

I have been working a lot on my schedule for the fitness studio, since it looks like we are about 4-6 weeks out from being ready for a Grand Opening! 🙂
The studio has risen from the ashes and rubble and is getting close to having a new life!
I am aiming for Saturday, October 29th at this point, but I will keep you all posted over the next week or 2 to see where we are at with the build and remodel.  Some of the big jobs are done, but I still don’t have a bathroom, and the floor is not complete, which are both kinda vital to have done BEFORE I open 😉
So, here is a bit of a run down of what is going on.
Most of you know, that the new studio will be located in Fowler, IL, just off of Highway 24, but the exact address is 1704 County Road 1316th E.
I will have a small fitness room in the back with limited equipment and will be built up over the next year or so, that Full Members will have access to. As of the opening, it will have free weights, a recumbent bike, a Gazelle(does anyone even remember those? 😀 ), a couple of punching bags, medicine balls, small squat rack, and a power tower with dip rack.
But the main thing will be the classes! And at this time ALL classes will be in the evening, unless I get enough interest to make it worth my while to get up and teach a 30-45 minute 6:15AM class once or twice a week before I head to my FT job in town! 😉
I myself will be teaching about 2 classes a night for the most part in the beginning, and others will be added or shuffled or even subtracted as attendance dictates.  And I still need to get with Tara and find out when she wants to teach Turbo Kick! 🙂
Tentative schedule:
Monday and Wednesdays –
Doors open at 6:00PM
6:30-7:15PM Boot Camp Strength & Shape
7:30-8:05PM Country Heat
Doors will be locked by 9PM(earlier if no one is using the exercise room)
Tuesday and Thursday –
6:15PM-7-ish(will run between 30-45 mins) -Functional Life Fitness
7:15-8:00PM Dance Fitness with BrendaT
*Thursdays will continue to include an extra 10 minutes of core work, so will last until about 8:10PM
Doors will be locked by 9PM(earlier if no one is using the exercise room)
9:00-9:45AM Boot Camp Circuits (in or outdoors depending on the weather) Class size STRICT limit to 10 and NO OPEN GYM FITNESS ROOM DURING THIS CLASS!
10:15-10:45AM – Dance Fitness With BrendaT
10:50-11:15AM – Tabata and Cool Down
NEW CLASS – Functional Life Fitness
This class will be for those looking for a low to no impact, low intensity class.  This is a class for beginners/those returning to fitness after an absence or an injury, those with limited mobility, those who want to be able to have fun with the grandkids instead of just watching from the sidelines. As we age, we NEED to find ways to keep our muscles active, strong, and flexible. If that sounds like something you are looking for, THIS class may be for you!
Tentative Pricing:


Dance Fitness OR Country Heat/Month – $25

Boot Camp/month – $40

Functional Life Fitness – $40


BOTH Dance Classes/Month – $45

Boot Camp or Functional Life Fitness AND either Dance Fitness OR Country Heat(to reserve a spot in every class)/Month – $50(Includes Full Membership Benefits)

Full Membership – $50 Includes Free Drop-Ins (Limited class sizes, so by availability only) and access to weight room during open hours.   ***CAN be combined with Boot Camp or Functional Life Fitness Class ! 🙂 ***

Drop Ins – $6/class for Non-Members(By availability only due to limited class sizes)

At this time, I plan to start scheduling demo classes around mid-October, so if there is anything you are interested in, please email me at to get on the email list!

Things are looking up???

Is it just me, or do any of you have days when everything is seems to be going pretty good, but you just have this feeling that something bad is about to happen?  But even with all of that positive thinking I do, and working to be in control of my own happiness, I still have “days”.  I feel like I shouldn’t, but I do.  
This is a pretty good visual representation of how I feel today.  mental choking.jpg
I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks from worrying about things that “might” happen my whole life! At 9 years old,  I was admitted into a psychiatric ward because I had had my first nervous breakdown and tried to commit suicide to avoid what I was certain was going to be a horrific turn of events in my life. Instead of getting well while I was there, I was repeatedly abused and therefore, I saw it as a premonition of things to come. So any time I have these feelings, I tend to go into full panic mode, and then get very down and sad and revert to being an  introvert(or as I call it, “numb out under a rock”) mode.
People sometimes have a way of lashing out at, or putting down someone when they are changing to better themselves, because that change doesn’t fit into that other person’s life.  But I am DONE feeling bad for the wonderful changes in my life not making the lives of every person I know easier!  I can’t let the negativity and guilt trips make me feel bad.  I was told by a great friend this weekend to stop making myself crazy trying to make everyone happy!  That it is simply not possible!
I have fought demons my whole life.  Most think I had perfectly normal childhood, and many parts of it were pretty great!  As long as I was kept busy and not left alone with my thoughts.  I wasn’t even allowed to talk about what happened to me with my own family, so I held it in.  I dealt with things my own way by living dangerously and dragging my negativity around with me everywhere.  After adding the loss of my daughter when I myself was only 18 years old, things only got worse.  I became a drunk,  a food addict, a self-abuser, and used many Rx and non-Rx drugs to numb my pain. 😦  In recent years, I have reached out and gotten some help, and I now know that those things happened in the past, and the only way they can control my future, is if I allow them to.  But I am no longer willing to just roll over and take it!  In a matter of speaking.
I CHOOSE happiness!
So if you aren’t willing to at least attempt to be positive, please kindly step aside and let me be ME!  And if you are looking for someone to be in your corner while you look for the positives in your life.  I am here 🙂

CHANGE! Love it or hate it, it is going to happen!

Happy Friday!!!

I am typing this through some very bittersweet happy yet sad at the same time tears.

As you know, I have been teaching Zumba and Tabata classes at Legacy Martial Arts for almost 4 years!  But as of the end of September, my time there is coming to an end. 😦 I have loved being part of the Legacy Family, and hope they still consider me as a little part of it even after the changes.

However, if you do not know, the reason I am leaving is because I am opening my own small fitness studio.  We will not be ready to fully open until sometime around November 1st, but I will announce classes and new schedules as we get closer to the opening.

I started with a dream and a dilapidated, gutted house.  It is still a ways from being done, but some of the biggest projects are coming right along thanks to my wonderful contractor, Dave!  He saw my vision when everyone else saw only a MESS!

But for starters, this…


is now THIS20160908_175957

and THIS!!!




And this old carport….20160905_113301


is now enclosed and at the moment looks like this!20160913_175949


and that back portion that also looked like this,


went to this20160912_174252

and then this20160913_175847

and now it is completely enclosed!



So, although we aren’t there yet, we are making progress! 🙂


Keep an eye on my website for announcements, class schedules, and price lists!  And please feel free to email me at if you want on my email list!

Hope to see you All in class soon! 🙂

Wanna Know THE Secret to Lasting Weight Loss?

Got your attention didn’t I?

Well, if you know me, then you KNOW that I am going to say that the secret really is no secret!

You simply show up and live your life in a healthy way that matches your goals DAILY.

Yes, EVERY F-ing DAY!

It is the same with a successful business.  If you want to become successful and CONTINUE to BE successful, you don’t get there and say, “COOL!  I’m done working now!”

It does NOT work that way!

Don’t take this as an assault on YOU, I am saying this to Me as much as anyone, because I have STILL been slacking lately.   I am scared and/or frustrated with how some things are going in my life, and I am turning to comfort foods and booze to numb me out to them.  Some are actually even good things, but they scare me even more than the bad things, because I am not as used to having good things happen to me.  Unfamiliar territory if you will.  Hey, OLD habits are hard to break!  I get it!  But each day I do my best to wake up with a grateful heart that I have the success that I have achieved and set out to do my best for that day.  Some days I WIN, and some days I FAIL MISERABLY!   It happens!  But that doesn’t mean I GIVE UP!  It simply means that I try again tomorrow.

I was looking at some of my pictures from when I was my most fit.  They were taken a few years back before my Dad got bad and before the Menopause Monster took over my body! 😛


My husband tells me,”Stop worrying about it! You look great!  And that a woman your age should be so lucky as to look like you do. But at your age, you also need to stop worrying about finding those abs again, because your hormones are probably NOT going to let it happen.”  I listened to him…AT FIRST!  But today after looking at those pictures, and thinking about what I did to get there, I have faith that I CAN get there again!  I just need to rework a few things and listen to my OWN ADVICE!  Do The WHOLE Package!  You can’t JUST workout.  You can’t JUST have good nutrition.  You can’t JUST have the BEST Supplements.  You can’t JUST have support.  You need to have it ALL TOGETHER!!!

One of my biggest downfalls is that I LOVE BEER!  And with beer often comes snacks.  Well, if I have to cut that back to what I was doing when I got to these pictures, then that is what I will do!  Beer rationing has begun!  LOL!


But when people ask me what I do when I am at my best because “that’s what THEY WANT”, I happily share whatever I can with them.  But if they aren’t willing to do things the way I do them, then they really can’t complain and say that my way simply doesn’t work for them.  I workout.  I eat right at least 80% of the time, I drink Shakeology EVERY DAY, and I use supplements when I lift heavy.  Yes Ladies, you HAVE TO DO SOME TYPE OF RESISTANCE TRAINING!  You will not get bulky!  But if you are over 35 years old, your muscles are already deteriorating and NEED HELP!  You are lying to yourself to get out of doing the work.  I know this for a fact, because I used to do it myself!

I can’t want it enough for you to make it happen.  And I certainly can not do the work for you!

You have to stop talking negative crap to yourself and invest in what WILL help you IF you are willing to WORK for it!



So, Do you WANT to be healthy and fit?

Do you WANT to be free of the prison that being obese really is.  Don’t tell me it’s not, because I have been there!  Being overweight is HARD!  And in my opinion it is harder than any workout!

Decide. Commit. Succeed!

I would love to help you if you are READY!

I believe in YOU!  And I believe in ME!  And I KNOW we can do it!  Especially if we do it TOGETHER!  We just have to make the commitment to ourselves, to keep taking steps forward on this journey every day!

Contact me today so we can work together to reach our goals!