More Progress!!!


I have to be at a Beachbody meeting in St Louis on 10/29/16, so I had to scratch that date off the possibilities list and will be working to figure out what date will work for Grand Opening Date ASAP!

Maybe Sunday 10/30/16???

Not 100% sure that will work, but I will make a decision soon depending on the building’s progress over the next week, I promise! As I said before some of the big jobs are done, but we still don’t have a few things complete that are necessary to have done BEFORE I can start painting and doing the flooring, so as soon as I CAN make a decision, I will let you all know!

AND….I know it has only been 3 workdays since my last update blog, but look at all the progress!!!!  I am STOKED! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Progression of the block supporting wall removal and beam going up!

Temporary walls are up to support during the removal. (Thursday)



Block Wall is down temporary walls awaiting the new Support Beam and small pillars.(Friday)



Beam is up! (Saturday)



All temporary walls are down and the floor is extended to the back of the room! (Monday)

Bathroom floor and plumbing almost done! (Tuesday)


So, amazing progress is being made, but there are still a few major things, and then a LOT of cleaning jobs and some cosmetic things that need to be completed.  My excitement AND my anxiety are growing daily!  LOL!  But the anxiety can always be brought down to a manageable level when I think about how amazing my future is going to be!


❤ ❤ Love to all of you who are supporting me through this wonderful time! ❤ ❤


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