My Fitness and Health Reality RIGHT NOW!



OK, I am going to be full on honest with Ya’All!

Those of you who see me all the time, know by looking that I am struggling with my weight right now.  The stress of opening the studio and quite honestly, that stupid Menopause Monster, have my hormones(and nutrition dedication) all over the place!  And I am a bit more “fluffy” than I would like to be.

That said, we need to talk!

If you are like me, and you are jumping back into working out more, or even just differently, than your body has recently become accustomed to, things could be going haywire if all you are focusing on is the scale!  I am SORE!  I’m not going to lie.  If you were at my Dance Fitness with Body By BrendaT class last night, you saw (and may be feeling) my new choreography for Cheap Thrills, with all of those sumo squat rolls and knee dips, doing it once can burn the thighs and booty.  While doing the choreo, I had probably done it 50 times in the last 24 hours, and my thighs are feeling pretty heavy today!

SO… a dummy, I stepped on the scale this morning thinking I was going to see downward progress, but I was UP 4#!  I was shocked at first, as I considered the amount of activity I had this week and that I had actually eaten pretty well.  But then I thought about it, and realized that it is EXACTLY the same thing that I warn my students and clients about.  Often when you start a new workout program, your muscles react to the stress by becoming inflamed and they hold water to heal.

Click the following picture to read a Team Beachbody Blog that explains that and a couple other reasons that you may see the scale go up before it goes down.  week-2-day-1


In my case, I also tend to rebuild the muscle that I lose pretty fast.  Faster than I burn off the fat, so I have to be patient.  Which is MUCH EASIER said than done.  But that too can add to the scale going UP when you think it should be going down.

So, don’t let the scale be your ONLY form of measuring your success!  Are you feeling stronger?  Are your pants fitting better?  Are you simply feeling good about the amazing things you are doing for your body?  Health and Fitness do not just happen.  You have to put in the work, and through that dedicated, conscientious, committed work, you will see improvements, no matter if the improvements you seek are lower A1C levels or fitting into your skinny jeans! 🙂

Be Patient!  Decide WHAT you want and HOW you are going to achieve it.  Commit to that Decision!  See the SUCCESS that you have been looking for!

But most of all, BE PATIENT!  The smallest progress is STILL Progress!  And my booty and legs are telling me that I worked HARD this week, so I am going to celebrate that feeling!


At the end of the day, you WILL be better!  Being healthy comes from making one good choice after another.  It does not come when you become “skinny”.  I still struggle with this well known fact.  But then I remember that I AM Healthy!  I eat right most of the time, I exercise faithfully, and I drink my daily superfoods in my Shakeology EVERY DAY!!!  And even as a health and fitness professional, I am always going to have my own journey to travel.  And my journey has been one of many ups and downs and OH MY GOODNESS, the twists and turns!  LOL!  But a straight line would be boring, right?  I have been at rock bottom.  I have been morbidly obese.  I have been a chain smoking drunk.  I have been a prescription pain killer addict.  I am a Childless Mother, and in several seasons of my life, I have been so depressed that I knocked at death’s door, and Thank God everyday that Death didn’t answer.  I have also been more fit than I am right now.  I have been skinnier than I am right now.  But I have never had all the knowledge that I have from all of those things UNTIL right now!

I wake every day with a grateful heart for the wonderful people and blessings in my life.  I am aware of how blessed I am to still be able to do everything that I do with my “disabilities”.  And though I never take that for granted, I will also never stop pushing myself to be the best version ME that I can be.  I turn 46 in less than 5 months, and I intend to be better than ever.  And after a conversation with a good friend last night, another “By 46 Goal” is that I will continue to work on my flexibility in hopes to be able to not only teach yoga classes after my certification is complete, but to also be able do the full splits again! 🙂

But FIRST, my 2016 goals are not finished yet!  I have 43 days left to make them happen!  One is to lose 10#.  Another is to make it through the 3 different trainings that I am working on right now.  And the 3rd is to get my personal and business paperwork that is all stacked in my home office in order and meticulously organzied!  OK, well let’s start with separated into the right places to be filed and/or scanned!  LOL! 🙂

But it is possible.  I just need to put in the effort!

What are YOUR goals for the next 43 days?

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