Time for a “Do-Over”!

Happy New Year!

Did you make any resolutions?

I have said for the past few years, that “Resolutions really aren’t my thing anymore.”

Why?  Because I was clicking along at a pretty happy and healthy pace.

Well…2016 hit, and I think it is time for a “Do-Over!”  LOL!  id-like-do-over1.jpg

And although it was good to me in MANY ways, sometimes even good things can bring a lot of stress into ones life.  And some people, and YES, I am 1000% talking about me here, do NOT deal with it well!  This has actually been building up to me spiraling out of control, since my Dad started really going downhill 3 years ago.  The guilt.  The pain.  The eventual LOSS.  Then add in this past summer, the opportunity of a lifetime falling into my lap, my stress level climbed.  And to put a cherry on the top of it, menopause is now in full swing!!!  And although I have known for years that I cannot have children, the finality of menopause has been a crushing blow to how I feel as a woman.

What does all of this mean?   Do I REALLY want a do-over?

NO, but it does mean that I have spent the last year or so NOT practicing what I preach!  For the most part, outside of my Shakeology, my nutrition has STUNK!  But I am going to be brutally honest with you all here!  Because it is time I am honest with ME!  I have been drinking again.  A LOT!  And it makes me feel so ashamed, that I have been becoming more and more disconnected from the life I have grown to love so much!  Something that I had never felt before and miss greatly.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I have lost my passion. I still love teaching my classes and doing all of my Beachbody coaching and helping those who will commit to doing the work, get results!

But those results don’t come from a magic pill, potion, sticker, or wrap, they come from hard work and commitment to eating healthy and moving!  My clients and customers who do what I say instead of what I have been doing, have seen far better results recently than I have.  I have remained diligent in my efforts to keep moving with Phoenix Fitness with Body By BrendaT opening, and the fact that I do still 100% believe in Beachbody programs, and do them as often as I physically can while teaching classes 6 days a week.  But my revisiting my dependency on alcohol has derailed my nutrition to a level that I am ashamed to admit.  I have now gained back nearly 50# from my lowest weight, or 35# from my healthiest weight, and I feel like SHIT!

So, I am in essence making a resolution to stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, and worrying about what they think of me, and get back to working on MY journey.  Of course, I still hope you all join me, and the invitation to join one of my Support and Accountability Groups still stands.  Just email me at bodybybrendat@outlook.com to get all of the details.  I will share the ups and the downs, but I will also share the boring, mundane, NON-sexy things that one MUST do daily on my Body By BrendaT Facebook page, if you really want to take control back of your physical and emotional and mental health!

Time to stop hiding from the success that is begging me to come out and play!


MAKE today the start of something GREAT!!!

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