When you KNOW you live RURAL!!!

This is one of those days that I REALLY WISH it was not illegal to use a phone while driving!  Because the mental picture in my head of what happened this morning is freaking hysterical!

Picture it!  I am turning off of the 2 lane rural Illinois Highway 24 and getting on to the Interstate to come to work in Quincy.  At the end of the on ramp, is an Illinois State Trooper with his lights ON going about 2 miles an hour.  Since I have no idea what is happening at this time, and there is no one else behind me, or even coming up on the Interstate, I slow to a crawl.  This is when I realize that the officer is NOT alone!  I look to the passenger door, and realize right next to his car is a VERY LARGE black cow!  This in and of itself was funny.  But the scene that followed left me in tears the rest of the way to work.

Like  I said, I was only going about 2-maybe 4 miles per hour as I approached this scene.  The State Trooper was stopped at the time that I was coming upon him.  The cow was staring in the passenger window.   As she defiantly peered at the officer, she took 3 or 4 steps forward.  So the officer moved forward.  The cow then looked forward and took a few more steps.  So the officer again moved forward.  The cow stopped and looked in the window again, as if to say WTF?!?!  AAAHAHAHAHHAAHAAAA!!!  I was dying at this point.  I finally decide that I really should go on around them and get to work, and as I did the officer looked at me and rolled his eyes as if to say, “THIS?  THIS is how my morning is starting?”  LOL!

So, even though I did not get a picture of it, I hope that I painted a good enough picture of it in your head that you got a small chuckle too.


I imagine this is kind of the look the officer was getting!  hehehehe 😀



Have an AMAZING Friday and remember, if you want to be in my Beachbody Shakeology and Fitness Accountability and Support Group that starts on Monday January 9th, you need to email me ASAP at bodybybrendat@outlook.com so we can get your order placed!


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