Why YES! I AM a Beachbody Coach!

lobe being a bb coach


I actually got asked recently WHY I stick with Beachbody and Shakeology since they are obviously not working for me since I am gaining weight.

Well….it is time to come clean!

Do I drink my Shakeology EVERY DAY?  YES!  But there are MANY days over the past 8 months or so, that it has been the ONLY healthy thing I have put in my body for the day!  Not going to lie about it and hide it anymore, but I do need to explain it.

I have never been one to feel deep in my gut that I deserved any better than I have.  I was born into a wonderful working class family and I feel inherently sentenced to never being anything more than that.  So becoming an entrepreneur often feels WAY OUTSIDE my wheel box!  Since joining Beachbody, I have been doing my best to change that mindset.  I have been mildly successful in Beachbody, paying a few bills here and there, and most months making enough to at minimum pay for our Shakeology.  But with each ebb and flow of the business, such as losing customers and coaches, and going through periods where I could not take one more rejection from someone, I would feel myself reluctantly pulling away from it.  And then I would go back to questioning my worth and wondering if I am really capable of being anything more than someone else’s employee.

When I started teaching dance fitness and fitness classes, I started to feel a confidence that I had never felt.  Then in May of 2016, we bought the building that is now Phoenix Fitness with Body By BrendaT.  At that time, I started questioning everything!  And I got REALLY F-ing SCARED!  I was excited.  AM excited to have the place, but it scares me!  I still don’t know if I am doing everything right as far as running a business.  And being afraid causes me stress.  Stress causes me to look for coping mechanisms.  My past coping mechanisms were NOT good things.  So yes.  I have been depressed and scared which has lead me to drinking and binge eating a LOT over the past several months.  I have gained back 25# since my June photo shoot.  And I am feeling 100% NOT motivating or inspirational to even myself, so it has been hard for me to feel like I could possibly help others.

But without Shakeology and Beachbody and my friends that I have made through fitness, I honestly KNOW that I would be in a much darker place right now.  Today, I can accept that this is just means I have hit a speed bump.  It does NOT mean that I ran into the side of a mountain!  I will continue to move forward.  It may be slow, and there might even be more speed bumps along the way of my comeback.  But I WILL come back!  I AM coming back!

During the next 29 Days(I am already on Day 2 of the first 30 days of my comeback) I will be documenting all of it on Social media.  Some VERY public, and some in private support groups.  But it will be documented and I will succeed!  WHY?  Because I know how to workout and eat right, but as “The Coach” I sometimes don’t reach out for the same support that I offer to others.  NOT this time!  I need the support and accountability, and I am getting it!

If you are looking for that kind of support and accountability, I would love to have you in my Beachbody Support Group.  Message me at bodybybrendat@outlook.com for more details!

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