I recently had someone question my priorities because I took time off from my business while I was sick. Didn’t matter to them that I was EXTREMELY sick and spent over a week fighting to take each breath and stay out of the hospital. Honestly, they didn’t even care enough to ask, they just made the judgement that I was being lazy with a cold!
My students and clients who come to my studio or visit my page or groups regularly for motivation, accountability, and support, were behind me 100% to take the time off and GET WELL!
Well….THAT answered the question in my mind of where my highest priorities should be right now!
It is with those who believe in me and have my health and well being in their hearts, because they know that I have nothing but their health and well being in mine!  Those who recognize how hard I have worked to take a shell of a run down house and make it into a studio where people feel at home and can come to not only workout, but feel like they “belong”.
So, I extend my invitation to all of you who that setting sounds like a place you would like to be.  My class schedule can be found on my website .
And the Fitness/Weight Room should be completed around the mid-March!!!  After a few snags, financial issues, and health/injury speed bumps, things are really starting to come together now!
First class is FREE!  Grab a friend and come try us out! 🙂
Contact me at for more information on class descriptions, availability, and pricing.

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