Set A Goal! Achieve A Goal! Repeat!


That quote may sound like it comes from a place of negativity, but it is actually a result of celebration for a job well done!

You see, I DID IT!  I made it through NO BOOZE February without consuming a single drop!

I have been referred to as a functioning alcoholic over the past few years. I used to be a straight up DRUNK, but had gotten pretty good control over alcohol until my Dad started going down hill about 4 or 5 years ago. I took some pretty intense verbal abuse from him over his last few years. To the point that I missed out on a few of his later months, because he made me feel so horrible about myself, that I could not make myself go see him.  I felt like I couldn’t do anything right by him. I had spent my whole life trying to make him proud and by some of the hurtful things he said in his last few years, I don’t know that I ever succeeded. And yes, I do realize that during most of this time he was not in his right mind, but the words hurt nonetheless, and I was not mentally strong enough to separate what was actually happening from what was making me feel 100% worthless!  And I unfortunately went back to old habits of numbing my feelings and dealing with stress through alcohol consumption.


So, what kind of discoveries did I find through this month?

I have some AMAZING friends!  But that I pretty much already knew 🙂  But somehow, they were always in the right place at the right time to distract me when I was feeling weak.

I am WAY stronger than I thought I was.

I don’t have to conquer the world all at once, and I am allowed to rest!  I don’t have to make up reasons to rest, or run myself into the ground before I take the rest.  Regular, SCHEDULED rest is OK!

I may take longer to reach my goals and achieve my success, but that does not mean that they don’t count and that I am a bad person because I can’t do everything RIGHT NOW!

Running a business is HARD!  Give yourself time to learn.

When you have been really sick, give yourself time to recover!  No one who matters will expect you to heal overnight!


17022161_1328743843831158_3531123189296786846_n (1).png

During the last month, I also had some good discussions about the issues that would normally make me pull away into a dark place and drink alone until I was numb.  I have recently lost a wonderful friendship over what I feel was not really a good reason to end a friendship, but…  Through discussion and reflection, I have come to realize that all the drinking and crying I have done over this loss has gotten me no closer to being “over it”.  So I am “feeling” the pain of the loss.  And I am going to be honest, I don’t like it!  But I am dealing with it.  I have, in my head at least, blessed and released this person from my life.  My heart is taking a little longer to catch up.  But I spent most of my life trying to be something for someone else. Trying to please someone else.  Well that someone died without me still really knowing if I was “good enough” for him.  But now I realize, that I only need to be good enough for ONE PERSON on this planet, and that is ME!


I also realized that I eat to procrastinate even when I don’t have a drink in my hand. And that I WILL use said food(which is my other main addiction) in place of alcohol to numb out or escape from the world when alcohol isn’t an option to me. Another BIG issue that I am working on.


And while all of this is happening, and I sitting in a corner doing nothing?

NO!  I am working on MY dreams.  Less than 9 years ago, I knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about health and fitness and how to live a truly healthy lifestyle.  Now, not only am I working on MY journey, but I am making my passion my paycheck.

I know how it works, but I also know that you actually have to DO the work EVERY DAY!  You don’t STOP the journey when you hit a goal.  You make a new goal.  But you also have to remember to keep up with the things that got you to the successful place that you thought was your destination.  That is where I messed up.  I thought I was good.  I thought I could drink a little more often, eat a little more, and even eat a few more cheat meals.  That is NOT how it works.  You have to stay YOUR course, because life WILL throw you curve balls!  And if you have strayed back from the plate a little too far, you won’t be able to keep control of your full strike zone.  Keep your eye on the ball , and you WILL get your pitch!  But not if you are not willing to show up EVERY DAY and do the work that it takes to be ready for it!


Are you ready?

Need a 100% NO JUDGEMENT place to put in the work?

Phoenix Fitness with Body By BrendaT or YOUR OWN HOME with the help of one of my Beachbody Support and Accountability Groups could be exactly what you are looking for!

Email me and let’s do this thing together!

8 Week Accountability Group! Get In Today!!!

Short message before I make a proposal to you – 
Don’t dwell on your flaws, failures, and weaknesses!!!
Trust Me, EVERYONE else is doing plenty of that FOR you!  i.e. Look at the body shaming going on with Lady Gaga right now! OMG, if my “belly flab” looked that good, Ya’All would be seein’ pics of my belly EVERY DAY!
But my point is, the more time you spend dwelling on your shortcomings, the less time you have to dedicate towards letting your strengths SHINE!  I myself have been doing FAR TOO MUCH of this lately!  How about You?  
I have been in kind of a “bummer” place for some time.  Which has troubled me, because I just opened my studio, and I feel like I should be “HAPPY” all the time!  But there have been underlying stresses for awhile now that I have not been 100% transparent about, including financial woes, some old bad habits rearing their ugly heads, menopause, and RA flare ups, which have been basically lead to me ballooning back up in weight.  THEN came the steroids for the stupid illness I managed to get, which meant an almost overnight weight gain of 14#!!!  And I now feel, and look, NOTHING like what I think a fitness studio owner/NASM-CPT/health and fitness coach should look like.  
So, starting on February 20th, I am hosting an Accountability and Support Group that will require you to be ALL IN!  
👉Do you wish you could lose some weight before summer but are tired of wasting money on magic pills, potions, and gimmicks?
👉Did your 2017 New Year’s Resolution die off as fast as it started?
👉Are you ready to SERIOUSLY invest in your health?
👉Are you my Beachbody Customer(or will become one) and/or a member at Phoenix Fitness With Body By BrendaT who is willing to replace one meal or snack a day with a dense dose of healthy nutrition?
👉Are you ready to devote eight weeks starting February 20th to making some improvements for your health?
If you answered YES to these questions, then I am extending a cordial invitation to you to join my SIX by 46 Accountability Group!
SIX by 46???
Yup! My goal will not be so much weight driven, but SIZE driven! I want to be comfortably back in my size 6 pants by my 46th Birthday on April 9th! We will be starting on Monday February 20th and going through to Easter Morning Sunday April 16th! Yes, I know I just said that my birthday is the 9th, and YES, I WILL take the weekend to have a little fun, but then back to it for the last week PUSH to Easter! 🙂
The following will be REQUIRED:
You WILL be required to drink Shakeology daily(at least 5 days a week).
You WILL be required post what you did for a workout for at least 20 minutes 4 days a week.
Stop putting off your life waiting for the perfect time to start! Let’s get this going TODAY!!!
Email “I Want In!” to , and I will get back to you this weekend!  Be ready to tell me your realistic 8 weeks goals, and order your Challenge Pack to get started!!!
By the end of this 8 Week Challenge, I will have replaced the stressed and unhappy looks in the top corner pics with happy, healthy SMILES!  And hopefully wearing those size 6 pants that I am missing so very much! 😉 
Who’s In?

Day 1 of Booze Free February”And Steroids???

Yesterday went OK.  However, a busy day at work and an incident with the cats(DON’T ASK, that is a blog of its own 😛 ), I could have easily went to the beer refrigerator in the garage after closing up the studio, before heading into the house.  But I didn’t!  I went in and started making supper.  Even made a casserole for tonight’s supper so that I could get some other stuff done tonight that is on my “Keep Myself Busy” list.  Because there is a St Louis Blues hockey game on tonight, and if ya’all know how bad they have been playing lately, you know that I will be tempted to reach for a drink if I don’t have something keeping me busy while I watch it.

I know that some people are probably thinking that I won’t stick to this.  That I have made it through ONE DAY!  BIG DEAL!  Well, have you ever tried to NOT think about something?  Have you ever failed at a diet, because all you can think about is food?  Or how about quitting smoking?  Ever tried it?  IT’S HARD!!!  That is kind of how this is.  But….



And that person will probably still have an occasional drink with friends, but will not NEED to have that drink!


And, as the title says, here are my other ramblings for the day.


There!  I said it!  I know they helped me heal and helped me get better, but after having a shot AND a full round of a LARGE dose of oral steroids, I feel like a BEACHED WHALE!  Seriously!?!?

I am SO over this feeling!  I gained 6# overnight while barely being able to eat.  I can’t seem to lose it, even though I have been pretty good with my workouts and nutrition for this past week. I feel puffy and bloated! And I even look 7 months pregnant!!!


So frustrated, and that is NOT helping with helping me not be depressed and wanting to have a drink!  GGGGRRRRR!!!  But this too shall pass.  Thank God for the support and accountability group.  In my opinion, it is more often than not, that Support and Accountability Groups are the Secret Key to Success!  Those customers and clients of mine who join mine and do what I refer to as the Beachbody Trifecta (Exercise Program + Shakeology + Accountability Group) are the ones who see the BEST Results!  So being in this group with other people who understand that level of success, to me is a pretty good indicator that I WILL have success!