Day 1 of Booze Free February”And Steroids???

Yesterday went OK.  However, a busy day at work and an incident with the cats(DON’T ASK, that is a blog of its own 😛 ), I could have easily went to the beer refrigerator in the garage after closing up the studio, before heading into the house.  But I didn’t!  I went in and started making supper.  Even made a casserole for tonight’s supper so that I could get some other stuff done tonight that is on my “Keep Myself Busy” list.  Because there is a St Louis Blues hockey game on tonight, and if ya’all know how bad they have been playing lately, you know that I will be tempted to reach for a drink if I don’t have something keeping me busy while I watch it.

I know that some people are probably thinking that I won’t stick to this.  That I have made it through ONE DAY!  BIG DEAL!  Well, have you ever tried to NOT think about something?  Have you ever failed at a diet, because all you can think about is food?  Or how about quitting smoking?  Ever tried it?  IT’S HARD!!!  That is kind of how this is.  But….



And that person will probably still have an occasional drink with friends, but will not NEED to have that drink!


And, as the title says, here are my other ramblings for the day.


There!  I said it!  I know they helped me heal and helped me get better, but after having a shot AND a full round of a LARGE dose of oral steroids, I feel like a BEACHED WHALE!  Seriously!?!?

I am SO over this feeling!  I gained 6# overnight while barely being able to eat.  I can’t seem to lose it, even though I have been pretty good with my workouts and nutrition for this past week. I feel puffy and bloated! And I even look 7 months pregnant!!!


So frustrated, and that is NOT helping with helping me not be depressed and wanting to have a drink!  GGGGRRRRR!!!  But this too shall pass.  Thank God for the support and accountability group.  In my opinion, it is more often than not, that Support and Accountability Groups are the Secret Key to Success!  Those customers and clients of mine who join mine and do what I refer to as the Beachbody Trifecta (Exercise Program + Shakeology + Accountability Group) are the ones who see the BEST Results!  So being in this group with other people who understand that level of success, to me is a pretty good indicator that I WILL have success!


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