Are YOU Looking For A Challenge?

Well, I have a Challenge for you!



I am starting a Spring Into Health focus group that will begin MAY FIRST!!!!

And I am NOT going to yank your chain, you WILL have to buy some tools!  You know what happens when you get something for FREE?  That is EXACTLY the value you see in it.  ZERO!

Be honest.  If I handed you all of my workouts and told you EXACTLY what to eat, but didn’t stick around to keep you accountable or support you or even do it with you, do you REALLY think you would do it?  NO, you wouldn’t!  I know this, because I have GIVEN, yes GIVEN people the workouts that I wrote and used for myself when I was losing my weight, and do you know what the response was?  They did it for a couple days and stopped!  Because they had NO SKIN in the GAME!


And I know you don’t want a sales pitch, and I HATE giving you one, but I have an AMAZING offer that I can give you for APRIL ONLY!  


So answer these questions:

1-Do you HONESTLY have 25-45 minutes a day that you COULD workout? 

If you say NO, I better NEVER hear you talk about watching TV, being bored, doing nothing, being lazy, or anything other than working and sleeping and taking care of your family 24/7, EVER EVER AGAIN! PERIOD!

2-Could you drink a shake each day to replace one meal or snack that would give you a dense supply of super foods and nutrition for the day?  

And don’t give me texture and taste excuses!  I personally love it, but in the off chance that you do not, if you have to, shake it up and slam it like a horse pill!  I drink 2 Tablespoons of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar every day, and I HATE IT!  But I don’t have near the heartburn I used to have, so the benefits are totally worth that 2 disgusting minutes it takes to slam it and get the taste out of my mouth!

3-If you had a support group to help keep you accountable, do you think you would do better?  And would you be willing to also GIVE support in return in that group?

Believe  me, giving support gives you a much higher ROI that just taking all the time!  I did my best when I was part of an AMAZING group that really helped each other on their journeys.


So I leave you with this thought.  

Everyone always says that they have health GOALS.  

Do you?  

Or do you just have health WISHES?

Because a WISH is something you want and think about.  

A GOAL is something you want and DO WORK to make it happen!

If you have GOALS and are willing to do the WORK to make them happen, I would love to help you get there!  

Message me and I will help you get your tools ordered so we can get this change happening TOGETHER!

MY GOAL is to get THIS body back!  Join me!



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