May has been quite busy so far.  I started a new workout program, and a new nutrition program.  I’ll write a post about that here very soon.  Lots of experimenting and research going on right now.  But for today, I wanna talk a little about Mother’s Day, Moms, and the blessing and the losses.

First, as most of you know, I will honor my sweet girl, whom I have missed everyday for over 28 years now, my Marian.  I loved her without ever meeting her, and I love her still. 


Next, I would like to mention the AWESOME kid that gives me hugs that make me feel more special than anyone has ever made me feel.  I love you Miss Bella! ❤

me and b.jpg

And of course, the most wonderful Mom EVER, and the one person that I never go a day without thinking about.  The way she loved me.  The HORRIBLE crap we went through together.  Her never giving up on me being “normal”. The way we became best friends as I got older.  The way I can STILL bust out laughing just thinking about things she said and did.  I miss you ALWAYS, Mom!  I love You!


And to the woman who gave me my Soulmate to drive me crazy and love me through ALL of life’s good, bad, and downright UGLY times.  My mother-in-law Vicki.  Miss You!

(The look on my face in this picture says it all! She was being ornery that day!  hahaha)


To those Moms who have loved and lost little angels as I have, my heart breaks for you.  If you are still trying my heart is full of hope for you.  If it doesn’t happen, please keep your faith in God that there IS a reason.  That you do have people that love you and need your love and guidance.  Be a “mother” to them.


To a friend whose Angel finally arrived and is perfect and beautiful in every way!  I actually finally got to meet this little guy yesterday, and it filled me with so much love to see the Bentley Family so Happy! ❤




Lastly, I was reflecting on a conversation that I had last night.  A friend saw her son for the first time being a “Dad”.  She was surprised at how AWESOME he was at it, considering this young man’s dad was not exactly “Father of the Year”.  But this morning as I replayed that conversation, it dawned on me that being a Mom, being a Dad, it doesn’t really matter which you are, as long as you do it with love and are a good Parent, those who are watching will learn.  So single moms, dads, grandparents, foster parents, aunts, uncles, teachers, childcare providers, ANYONE who has influence over children….They ARE watching, and they WILL learn from what you do!  We are ALL in a sense “parents” to the children who are in our presence.

This particular friend is an AWESOME MOM!  Her son did not need a “Good Dad” around to teach him to be a good Dad, he just needed a Good Parent.  And THAT he HAD! 




So to all of you who are a Mom to 2-leggers, 4-leggers, here on Earth or those with wings in Heaven, my wish is for you all to have a Beautiful Day, this Sunday and EVERY Day! ❤

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