My LAST Day ONE!!!!

YUP!  This is IT!


I took this gym selfie after a Shoulder workout last week, and it frustrated me. Although I can see the progress in my shoulders, I am still so unbelievably THICK around my middle.  And Yes, I do know that is a tell tale sign of the adrenal problems that I am working on, but I struggle just like many of you with keeping balance in my life.  I know that I am far from where I started, but I am also not where I want to be!  And I don’t want to reach that goal to please the fitness industry, Beachbody Corporate, or even you who follow me on social media, this is ALL FOR ME NOW!

And to lay it on EXTRA THICK, this past week I have been dealing with an injury, which simply ticks me off! I know that sometimes the Universe has its way of reminding me that I just need to pause, but GGGRRRRRR!!!!!  Because until my knee is better(which will likely include draining and an injection on July 28th), my 100% will look quite different from what it does most of the time.  I am never afraid to modify my workouts, but this has taken me down another notch to hopefully prevent it getting any worse.


So, today as I had planned to resume my morning workouts, all I could think as I was struggling to get out of bed, was that I am getting tired of having DAY ONES! Because I often feel like I have to be ALL IN 100%, or it doesn’t count.  
Well….today I say HECK WITH THAT!
I am throwing out that way of thinking. Sure, I may occasionally have a Day 1 of a new fitness program, or a new workout schedule, but TODAY is my last Day ONE! Because I am tired of feeling like a quitter! I am tired of giving ONLY my BAD choices any recognition! What about the GOOD Choices that I make 75-80% of the time?
So I had an alcohol filled weekend as I wallowed in self pity for several reasons, and woke up this morning bloated and feeling the effects of the inflammation, and even having gained 4#!
It’s OK!  
It is all going to be OK!
My new goal from now on, is that when I have a “bad” day, it will just be part of my journey! I will acknowledge it and move on! I have come too far to be anything BUT proud of myself. A dear friend told me last week, that basically I need to start giving more attention to the successes in my life instead of the small failures and setbacks that are just an inevitable part of life.
SO…there we have it!
Don’t look at a setback as an end, look at it as a setup for something even more EXTRAORDINARY to come into your life!
I am NOT my past!
I AM CAPABLE of doing AWESOME Things with the gifts I have been given!
I have built a place where people feel safe, and I should be VERY PROUD of that!
I do NOT have to be perfect to be loved OR successful!
My Last Day ONE is going great so far!  And I will continue to celebrate the good and accept, learn, and move on from the bad.
Throw away the ONE bad apple!  The rest of the bushel is GREAT.  So instead of focusing on the one you threw out, ENJOY each and every one of the AMAZING ones! 🙂

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