What Energy Are YOU Bringing To The World?


I felt compelled to write about this, because I have a feeling that I have not been great about bringing my best, positive self to the world lately. And I pray that I am not emitting my negative feelings on to anyone.

It is like I have taken a step back in time to back before 2008 when I brought fitness into my life, and I have not been in the greatest place with my thoughts and feelings about myself lately.  I am starting to come around with the help of some friends and family, but between injuries, some weight gain, menopause, hormonal imbalances, and a LOT of pain, my general overall attitude has not been great.  And my greatest fear is that I have been sending negativity into the universe that it is flowing into others around me.


SO…I am going to take responsibility by at least making the attempt to post a positivity post on the Body By BrendaT Facebook page daily for the next 30 days!  At least on weekdays, as my weekends(Saturday after Noon through Sunday) have become time with friends and at home rebooting with my husband and furkids, and I have been spending a lot less time on social media during this time.  It may not always look like quality time to some, but we are together.  After 25 years, sometimes just sitting in silence with the other person in the next room, knowing that they are there, IS quality time. 🙂

I was thinking about New Year’s Resolutions this morning on my way to work.  WHY?  Because I had a dream about New Year’s Eve last night!  LOL!  But as I write this blog, I think I am not going to wait!  Starting today, I am going to do my best to complain less and make the best of every situation.  Will I be putting on rose colored glasses to the problems and issues in my life?  No, but I will be doing my best to put my best foot forward in ALL I do!

That said, my lunch is almost over, so it is time for me to get back to my day job! 🙂

MAKE the rest of your day GREAT!


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