Time For A Visit to My WHYS!


To Be The BEST Version of ME That I Can Be!

To Help Others Find Their Inner Strength to BE Their Personal BEST!

Don’t Let Anyone’s Doubts Keep You From Doing What You Love!  EVEN YOUR OWN!



I have been feeling “OFF” lately.  That “not quite myself” feeling.  To the point of allowing some negativity get through that big POSITIVITY WALL that I usually try to keep built up around me.  My light in my smile has even been dimmed in recent months.  I am over it!  It is time to MOVE FORWARD!!!  Onward and Upward as the saying goes! 🙂



Are you letting your baggage be a barrier?

luggage wall.jpg

This picture of this baggage wall paper was like a smack in the face to me!  I have been allowing not only new challenges in my life, but also OLD challenges and baggage creep back up into my life making me feel “less than”.  That is the power that negative thinking and more importantly, what negative ENERGY can have in your life.  I am closing that door in my life.  And when negativity comes knocking, I will be placing a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the doorknob!  Old pains in my life are surfacing for different reasons, which are a theme for a different blog someday.  Hell, it may be enough for me to write a whole book!  But either way, today I will not be giving it any negative power in my life.  It can’t be undone, but I can forgive those who hurt me so that I can let go of the hurt that I hold deep inside that has, for most of my life, given me the feelings that I am not worthy of real love or real happiness.  That I didn’t deserve them.  I now know that I DO!


I am learning that new struggles in my life are NOT necessarily bad things.  I just need to learn and grow through the new struggles and not give them all the power.  And I need to not think that I am struggling because I deserve ONLY struggle because that is what the past has shown me.  Some struggles are simply put in our lives to help us learn and grow.  We can either look for the lesson or not.  And if you choose not to learn, you will not grow.


So, to close, I will NEVER quit on me, and since I CHOOSE to never quit on me, as part of my WHY, I will also NEVER QUIT ON YOU!  I am CHOOSING to learn and grow through this period.  It may not be all rainbows and puppy dogs today, tomorrow, or even next month, but there will be times of bright light and happiness.  THAT is what I choose to take from this journey.

Wanna Come Along?

My new way of seeing struggle in my life –


You have the power to MAKE today GREAT! ❤

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