So…Everybody’s Starting to Ask What I Am Up To?


Did you miss me?  It has been over 2 months since my last blog! WOW!!!

I have been pretty wrapped up in my own life lately.  Between running Phoenix Fitness with Body By BrendaT, working full time at the pharmacy, Coaching/Training, the holidays, my furbabies, and trying to fit in a LITTLE BIT of time for my husband, I have been pretty Tapped Out!

Then I made a conscious decision to go ALL IN on a new Beachbody Program from Autumn Calabrese(the creator of 21 Day Fix and the Fixate Portion Control System), 80 Day Obsession.  I even joined the Exclusive Coach Test Group!  If you know me and you know my past, you know that Me NOT having alcohol for 13 weeks is not something that comes easy for me.  Let alone the longer workouts in the morning, which means a little less sleep without a concerted effort to get to bed a tad bit earlier.


So, I am sure your biggest question is, “How am I doing on it?”

Well, in the first Phase(4 weeks), not only did I lose 12.6#, which is AWESOME, BUT I also have refocused and haven’t had not one drop of alcohol OR had any SUGARY TREATS!  Even with the Super Bowl and so far 4 Fridays,  what we refer to in the Turnbaugh house as Beer and Pizza night, I have not had too tough of a time sticking to the program.  The nutrition is based on timing and getting the right foods at the right time throughout the day.  I am loving how my body is reacting to this.  What I SHOULD tell you, is that this is very much how I ate back when I lost the bulk of my weight, AND when I made the decision to add some good, lean muscle mass.  And I feel great!

Another plus, is that since I had cortisol issues and adrenal fatigue last winter, I have had trouble not only with my weight, but also my strength.  That is FINALLY coming back!  And I am LOVING IT! I did 4 sets of alternating staggered push ups on my toes last night!  That is the first time in probably close to a year that I have been able to do that!

Sounds good, right?

I am always adding people to my ongoing Accountability and Support Facebook Group if you are interested in being coached by me through this program, or ANY Beachbody Program!  What I offer you is NOT easy or a quick fix.  You WILL WORK!  But trust me, the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction and pride of seeing the results that you worked for is an AMAZING feeling! 🙂


Time to get back to work!

MAKE today GREAT!!! 😉

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