Change Your Attitude!


Yup!  I am GUILTY of having a BAD ATTITUDE!


And it has been wearing on me. Usually, I try my best to be the one who brings others up all the time, but as the saying goes, attitudes ARE contagious!  So if you find yourself surrounded by cranky, negative Eeyores too much, it can start to rub off.  That recently happened to me.  Tension at work, tension at home, tension on the news, tensions EVERYWHERE I turned, so it seemed.  Nothing just felt positive and HAPPY!  And I felt it taking a toll.  I felt a darkness creeping back into my soul that I had not felt in a long time.  It was sadness. Bitterness. Loneliness. Depression. FEAR!

Tuesday, someone called me out!  She basically told me to stop feeding the negativity!  That I was giving it power by sharing it with the world through posts on my Facebook Page that were WAY more dark than I have posted since she knew me.  I am human.  I do go through rough patches, and I do unfortunately have a tender heart and get my feelings hurt easily.  But in the past several years, I have trained myself to try my best to shrug it off and look at the bright side of things.  Lately it had become harder and harder to see ANY light.

As I teeter back and forth on the verge of menopause, and fighting adrenal fatigue for the past 18 months or so, I have grown increasingly upset with what is going on in my body!  I worked so hard to get where I was, just to have something FLIP inside me and make me gain 35# in about 8 weeks???  WTH?   Seriously, I felt betrayed! I was STILL working hard, so WHY?!?!?  And the thing about betrayal, is once you feel that way about one thing, it can start to creep into your head and really mess with your thoughts about other things.

But ALL who know me will be happy to hear that I am making conscious effort to turn it all around!  I hope that my positive attitude will once again return and help myself and others see the wonderful things that ARE HAPPENING, even though our world is being portrayed as only darkness lately.  It is hard to remember when we see kids killing kids and future generations needing a “safe space” to avoid growing up and taking any responsibility for what is happening in their world.  It is scary!  I get it!  BUT…..There is no “safe space” to hide out here in the real world.  There will be ups and there will be downs, but if you choose to not be a productive member of society, then you need to stop expecting society to take care of you.

Find something positive and focus on that!  There ARE good people and good things happening in this world, you just have to look farther than the drama of social media or the five o’clock news.  And remember that ONLY You can make YOU happy!  Stop relying on your parent, sibling, spouse, kids, trainer, life coach, etc to do it for you.  Some of them may offer things that will add to your happiness, but you have to decide to be happy first.  You have to realize deep in your core, that no matter what “they” do, that it is what YOU do that defines who and what YOU are. ❤

I challenge you to go look in a mirror right now and say I AM WORTHY OF GREAT THINGS!

Then Share that Ish with EVERYONE! 🙂



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