Feeling Like The Little Engine That Could!

People often ask me, “What MOTIVATES you to do what you do?”

“What makes you want to get up at 5AM, to do hour long workouts when you are going to be teaching fitness classes that evening?”

And my favorite, “WHY do you do it?”

My answer, “Because I am not dead yet.”

There will always be a new goal.  Most people’s lives are not lived in a straight line.  There are twists and turns, ups and downs, sometimes full on downward spirals!  But you have to work through them.  There really is no other choice.  I had to learn VERY young that life was not always going to be sunshine and rainbows.  You have to see the light at the end of the tunnel and RUN!  Run as fast as you can towards the light!  Sometimes the light is deceiving, and takes you backwards, but you learn that until you are where you want to be, you must keep looking for YOUR light!



So where am I at NOW?

The last 7+ weeks have been hard!  I’m not going to lie and say that they haven’t been.  I am striving to do my very best while participating in a Beachbody Coaches Exclusive Test Group for 80 Day Obsession.  The only workouts I missed was when I was down with the flu and couldn’t stay awake for more than 20-30 minutes at a time for 3-4 days!  But I jumped back in after I rested my body and got right back to it!  I would have let that kill my fire in the past, but NOT THIS TIME!

I am determined to see what I can do with this program!  I am determined that going back to this type of program, is going to be what “fixes” me. You see, I have been fighting adrenal fatigue and getting my nutrition back on track in a BALANCED way for a long time.  I have experimented with so many other “Nutrition Plans”, the fads, the restrictive, the ones that take away whole food groups, you name it.  They weren’t for ME!  I am not saying that they won’t work for anyone, I am saying that they don’t work for me!  So all I can teach and advise on, is what I believe works best, which for me, is losing at a moderate pace with proper nutrition and exercise.

So WHY did I stray from this way of eating in the first place, you ask???  Because after going back to a few bad habits and going through some stress and depression that took my focus elsewhere, I decided to test some of the popular theories, and I ended up screwing up my metabolism so bad, that it has now taken over a year to get it fired back up!  And going back to fueling my body with good clean foods in a balanced way is simply what works for me!  Am I dropping HUGE amounts of weight and reaching my goal in record time?  Nope.  And I am fine with that!  I am almost 47 years old, have had hormone and weight issues for most of my life, and menopause is not making things any easier! But I keep going.  I could use it as an excuse, but where is that excuse going to get me?  I am at times depressed, cranky, and bloated, in pain most of the time, and I work long hours.  But I want to be better.  So I WORK to make it better!  Because I know the one sure fire way to never see progress, is to do nothing!


So, my Call To Action for you is this –

If you are ready, SERIOUSLY READY, to work on your health and nutrition, whether you are local to me and want to come to Phoenix Fitness with Body By BrendaT, or work with me online through a Beachbody program, I am here to help!  The nutrition program that I am going to put you on will be the same!  To get the BEST results, you need the total package-

1 -A Fitness Program

2-A Nutrition Plan


And yes, I will expect a commitment to ALL THREE!


Does that mean you never get to have a day off from exercise, or a drink out with friends, or a slice of pizza again???

Absolutely NOT!  But I will expect the level of commitment for the level of results you desire!

SO, What are your GOALS?

Email me at bodybybrendat@outlook.com so you can join me on this journey as soon as today!

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