15 Years

15 Years since I heard your laugh.

15 Years since I hugged you last.

15 years since I saw your face.

15 years since you left this place.


15 years ago a hole in my heart went dark.

15 years ago I saw just how much you left your mark.

15 years ago I questioned God’s reasoning.

!5 years ago I realized you would miss my wedding.


15 years have passed since you left my side.

15 Years have passed since I laid you to rest in your dress that you were to wear as Mother of the Bride.

15 Years have passed since I received a call that would change my life forever.

15 Years have passed since you left for your home with our Savior.


I just want you to know that I still miss you every day.  And that I pray that I make you proud of me in Everything I do.  I am better for having known you and even if we were not Mother and Daughter, I still would have wanted to be Your Friend!

mom and dad I Love You Mom! ❤