Life is Messy!

I have been repeatedly reminded lately, that the more you share with people what a TRUE mess you are, the more people realize you are human and are more approachable.  People who know about things I have been through in my past, say things to me like, “You are amazing!”, “How did you get through all of THAT and still come out with a positive attitude?”, or “You are SO strong!  I could never do what you have done.”


Honestly, I have to take it day by day.  Sometimes hour by hour or minute by minute!  And when I look around and see what others go through, I really don’t think I have a lot to complain about.  It really has been a pretty good life overall, with a few REALLY CRAPPY things thrown in to make me stronger.  I have definitely been through some rough spots, but I figure there was something to learn, because I am still alive.  Life is rarely easy, but as the saying goes, “Most things that are worth it, are rarely easy!”

Most people don’t follow me and want to work with me just because I have lost 148# in the past.  Honestly, I would say more of the people who want to work with me, do so because I am not ashamed or afraid to tell you that I still have struggles.  That right now I am FAR FROM my lowest weight of 149#!  That I am going through menopause and that MENOPAUSE SSSUUUUUCCCKKKKSSSS!!!!  That I still battle daily pain and keep going anyway!  And that I have no intention of quitting just because right now I am not the best ever version of me IN ONE WAY!  I AM however, stronger than I was yesterday both physically AND mentally!  I have done a LOT of soul searching through this process(I have not had an alcoholic beverage or cheated on my meal plan even once in the last 73 days!), which also means I have spent a lot of time alone.  Some may not understand the journey I am on right now, but they don’t have to.  They just have to respect it as mine.  I am still me and I work hard every day to be MY best and help others do the same, but I had some stuff to work through.  And then we have the whole sudden death of the best cat in the world to throw me into more stress, but I am still going strong!


If you follow me on IG ( @bodybybrendat ) or Facebook (Body By BrendaT ), you know that the reason for all of this recent soul searching has been that I have been doing 80 Day Obsession in an Exclusive Team Beachbody Coaches’ Test Group.  And since this is MY blog, I am going to take a few lines here at the end of this post to celebrate some things and smash some people’s crappy opinions about me not getting the results that I should be, so I must be cheating!

1 – I have lost 20#.

2 – I am now wearing 3 pairs of pants that would not go up over my wide hips 2 months ago.

3 – I deal with pain EVERY DAY anyway, so it might as well come from lifting heavy weights! 😉

4 – I am PROUD of myself!

5 – This is the first REAL progress I have seen since starting my battle against out of control cortisol levels and Adrenal Fatigue almost 2 years ago!


6 – I have learned that stress, especially prolonged stress, can cause weight gain!  And that resetting your body AFTER stress can take time!  And that being patient and not giving in to a self-loathing mindset is HARD!  But worth it if you can just find enough positivity to surround yourself with to make a go of it!

7 – And I am learning, even though I have “known” it forever, that Comparison IS the thief of Joy!  I am not having the same progress that some of the others in the Test Group are having, and I admit that sometimes I let that discourage me. But I continue on my path and do my best to trust the process.  I have been battling some issues for a long time, and some new stress still worked its way in to this chapter of my story, but I deal with it as best I know how(right way OR wrong), and move forward.  Having ANY progress at this point is a miracle to me since I have been stuck for SO LONG!

So, I WILL celebrate MY progress!  I WILL stick to MY journey!  And YES, as always, I welcome EVERYONE to join me.  We can be on our own journeys TOGETHER!  And POSITIVE support helps.  I was lucky enough to be part of a group that is full of the support that I needed at this time.  And I would love to be that support for you! ❤

In fact, I have a support and accountability group that I would love to add you to so that we can help each other as we work towards our goals!

Message me at for details of what you need to do next if you want in! 🙂

3 Replies to “Life is Messy!”

  1. Brenda, just had to say how sorry I am to hear about Dave. Such a hard thing to go through! Otherwise, it sounds like you are doing great and I think your progress report is awesome! Keep doing you – you are excellent at it! Love you!


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