Let’s Workout!



I heard the audible groans come from all over as soon as you read that title.

But this is about just that!  NOT wanting to workout.

no workout

Maybe you don’t like to sweat.


Maybe you feel you are TOO out of shape to even start.

body mind

Maybe you are overweight, and the feeling of your excess jiggle jiggling just grosses you out(Been there and back again!).


Maybe you lack motivation.


Maybe you simply don’t see the point because your progress is always too slow because you can’t be PERFECT!


Maybe you hate cardio, but heard that lifting weights will make you bulky! (BIGGEST MYTH EVER!!! 😡 )

get big easy.jpg

Maybe you are afraid!  Afraid you won’t be able to keep up or maybe afraid that you will look stupid!  So you are going to do a bunch of research FIRST and then you will start.

strength and willpower

One of my all time favorites – SOMEONE ELSE TOLD YOU YOU COULDN’T!!!!

055 - Copy-001.jpg

OR MAYBE you simply don’t know where to start!


All of these are only EXCUSES that you put in your own mind to keep you from facing this fear.  And all they are doing is holding you back from being your healthiest and best you.  Often we think it is outside circumstances holding us back, but if you REALLY Dig Deep, we usually find out that our biggest saboteur is US!

And although I own Phoenix Fitness with Body By BrendaT in Fowler, IL and am a Beachbody Coach, and would LOVE to help you personally on your journey, but if having an accountability and support group and/or a trainer/coach/mentor isn’t your thing, and you prefer to do it on your own, the DO IT!!!!  DON’T let your excuses be the thing that stops you before you ever even start!  A health and fitness journey is hard enough without giving yourself false reasons to hold you back before you ever even start.

And message me if you are interested in what my studio has to offer, online help, or if you are simply looking for an online support group who could help you stay accountable.  You can find me on Facebook and IG, or go to www.bodybybrendat.net/contact


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