OK, I know we still have 4 weeks to go, so please don’t misunderstand this post thinking I am going to quit for the next 25 days.  I will NOT be throwing in the towel on 2018!!!  I am just realistic that I am not, in fact COMMITTED, to a program right now.  That for me, usually means DISASTER!  But I am in a prep phase.  Because this email just came, and I am PUMPED!

t20 email

If you don’t normally follow me, you may not know that I got to meet and talk with ShaunT in July.  It was a very inspirational, motivational, and on my part EMOTIONAL meeting.  I felt his words so deep into my core.  I felt that he TRULY believed in me and what I was doing and what I stand for!  But here it is, 5 months later, and I am STILL holding myself back!  I haven’t lost any weight since then, in fact I have gained back most of what I lost last year doing 80DO!  I workout a minimum of 5 days a week.  I PUSH!  I GO HARD!  I CHALLENGE MYSELF!  And then I eat TOO MUCH!  Not ALL the time, but I am a huge stress and emotional eater, and the last few years have been PACKED with it!  I also eat when I sit down to rest.  I use it as an excuse to sit down, because I feel guilty if I sit down just because I am tired and need to rest!  Add in some other health stuff, and you have me looking at the scale, AND at the mirror, seeing that I could honestly stand to lose 50# again! Not just because I prefer looking a certain way and the superficial vanity of it all(However….the “Damn You Got HOT!” comments are NICE 😉 ) but also because of my family health history.  I have more to do with this life, and I can’t do that if I am sick or dead!

As I sit here at work today, I was thinking about what exactly my goals are going to be for 2019.  So I opened Beachbody On Demand to take a peek at what was on there so far for Transform:20, since the VIP Early Access Launch isn’t actually until Jan 15th, and ended up watching the first episode of Transform with Shaun T.

transform your life with shaunt

The cast’s stories, and Shaun’s story, got me even more excited about starting this particular chapter of my journey.  I am so good at finding every fault and negative thing about myself, yet would never accept that kind of self loathing actions from anyone around me.  I have been working very hard at loving me NOW, and not waiting until I get back to where I want to be physically.  My physical self is NOT all there is to me.  But in the fitness profession, I know that my physical self is my biggest marketing tool for my personal brand, and right now, my marketing needs HELP!    So I am going to accept the help of Shaun T and the thousands of coaches and VIP members in the Exclusive Test Group.  Want to join me, message me at, and I will get you hooked up with all the tools you need to start prepping and be ready to jump in on January 7th for Prep Week.  OR sooner, if you need a little extra preparation, and want to prep with me 🙂  I am going to be doing these workouts in the early AM, which is NOT my cup of tea, so I have to start working on getting up earlier again 😛 And by December 17th, my plan is to be working out BY 6:15 AM!  Yes, that IS early for me, because I work evenings, so I don’t usually go to bed until after 11PM.  

So, keep your eyes peeled, because this is going to be a straight up, 100% truthful and transparent experience for me!  My hope is that the accountability gets me and KEEPS me fired up!  Time to Conquer my MIND, so I can once and for all, Transform my LIFE!


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