Horror Books?

OK, I am going to share a little about my last few days, because even though parts are TERRIFYING, it is also kinda funny. I am sure my “buddy” Hunter will say that it is freaking hysterical!

You see, Hunter – Hunter Holmes- is an author. His normal genre I guess would be described as adventure/erotica. His first two books The Prospect : Chronicles of Crighton 1&2, were just that! And I loved them. Started following him on Facebook, got in his author group, and became friends. SO….when he decided to write a horror book, honestly, I was a bit less than excited. Because you may know that I love scary movies, but not so much with the scary books. WHY? Because I have a VERY vivid imagination, and what I picture in my mind is often much scarier than what I see on a screen.

BUT, like I said, I enjoyed his other books, and he is a friend and author that I want to support, so I read it. It took me longer than it should have because I had to take breaks from it. I mean….there are demons! And obviously from the title Hounds from Hell! So, yeah, it took a bit out of me and I had to put it down a few times.

SO, here is where I start to amuse “my friend”. I read the book. I comment several times on the group about how I felt about it. He finds me and my “scaredy-cat” ways and SLIGHT paranoia funny! And starts laughing at me. Happy to be a source of a smile, I share it all which brings more teasing and more laughter. You’re welcome! 😉

So, the book is evil! LOL! JK, it is actually good, and probably REALLY good if you do happen to actually enjoy horror books. That said, you do, give my friend some support and go check it out on Amazon Houndings of Hell by Hunter Holmes .

And since I am POSITIVE there will be more, yes, I will be reading his next one, but did request a nightlight from him. Again, he taunted and scared me. LOL! But for now, I am going to go read a happy little romance or some fun dark stuff with a side of kink 😉

BTW….speaking of that, I will be talking about more of my favorite books and authors coming up, since this is no longer a blog just about my fitness stuff 🙂

Until next time, as always, but especially in this extremely strange time in our lives full of isolation, Take Care of YOU by moving and nourishing your body and feeding and caring for your mind and soul. Sometimes exactly what you need comes from a place you never knew your soul needed.

Peace and Much Love to You All!

3 Replies to “Horror Books?”

  1. I’m with you! I LOVED this book! It’s one “THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN” moment after another.


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